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By Marvin Watkins

GENRE: Comedy

A high school dork campaigns against the popular kids at his school to win the annual “Friendship Day” election, to determine the most worthy friends. 


It’s the 20th Annual “Friendship Day” election at Thomas H. Drew High School, and competition runs high amongst the students running to prove themselves fit recipients for Drew High’s Kingship and Queenship Crown awarded to the students elected best friend and prize money that will be announced at the dance later that night. The candidates in the election are XAVIER, a self-indulgent, jock-type. LONDON, an attractive sex-tease diva. CAMILLE, a reserved soft-spoken girl with hidden beauty, and CJ, our principal character, wise beyond his years' who shares a connection with Camille. CJ’s biggest supporters and best friends, CANNON and DOOBIE share another common goal, to help CJ win so he can receive the prize money that will pay for the video game engine they have been working very hard to complete. Cannon and Doobie also notice CJ’s potential winning as an opportunity for them to rise above being labeled as the school “dorks.” However, CJ has much bigger issues. His father, MR. ANDERSON, who won Drew High’s 1st annual Friendship Day award as a student, expects CJ to not only win but also follow in his footsteps, which means putting video games aside and focusing on being a businessman. His father wants nothing more than to hand over the keys to his successful shoe store business, which crushes CJ’s video gaming aspirations. Antics ensue as we follow CJ and his crew as they navigate through the Election Day. Xavier bullies them and threatens the crew with physical violence after the election, which he is convinced he will win. London reminds them that they are pathetic losers. Camille’s encounter with CJ proves to be the only positive encounter. At the school’s rally, CJ and his fellow candidates give their respective speeches in front of the student body. Xavier and London emphasize looks and popularity, while CJ and Camille point out the importance of what it means to be a friend. The divide is clear. CJ and Camille are obviously more genuine, but when does truth win over popularity with high school students? To ensure he gets the proper votes, Xavier selfishly befriends a school “geek” in order to win the geeks’ votes. London’s plan is to sell her sexy persona and win over every boy’s vote at school. CJ’s plan is to run a legitimate campaign to everyone on campus, from the attractive female students, the athletes, to the studious crowd. CJ, who was once friends with Xavier, puts forth an effort to mend their relationship. Instead, it angers Xavier, and in an attempt to harm CJ, he blurts out a secret about Camille that will narrow her already slim chance at winning. CJ decides to concentrate more than ever on winning the Kingship for the prize money so that he will be able to assist Camille. Needless to say, Doobie, and Cannon, are not happy about CJ’s new financial decision, which cause dissension between the three. At the dance, the battle lines are drawn, the campaigning is over, and the votes counted. However, there is much more at stake than the crowning of Drew High’s new Kingship and Queenship. The reputation, freedom, livelihood, and future, of the candidates weigh in the balance of the outcome of the election.

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