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By Stephen C. Settle

GENRE: Historical

Greece 1974: As the military junta teeters and tensions rise in the Aegean, a battle-scarred former Marine accepts a position as a graduate teaching assistant for a summer-studies program, only to discover the his boss, a brilliant but unhinged professor of the classics, is hellbent to enlist him in a terrorist scheme to ignite global war.


November 21, 1973: Forces of the Greek military junta attack protesters gathered on the campus of the Athens Polytechnic University. Two months later, it is a cold, bleak morning in Limassol, Cyprus. General Georgios Grivas, Greek Cypriot hero and founder of the EOKA paramilitary, has died. At the funeral stands his covert heir to command, an Irish-born soldier of fortune, former CIA operative, and now a respected scholar at New York’s Greenwich College: SULLIVAN O’SHEA (mid 50’s).

A rabid Greek nationalist with dubious ties both to the junta and the U.S. intelligence community, O’Shea has set into motion a clandestine plan to instigate final war between Greece and her legendary foes, notably Turkey and “Persia,” in order to restore Greece’s ancient empire and to establish forever the primacy of the West over the East. O’Shea is a man enamored of wine, women, and war, consumed by his passion for Western antiquity and his desire to be revered as a modern-day warrior-hero. Frustrated in his earlier efforts to perfect this ideal, and haunted by a growing sense of betrayal, O’Shea is resolved to die if necessary on behalf of the West, apropos the Spartans at Thermopylae. His academic identity has long given cover to his EOKA activities, but his plans have evolved to the point where he now requires a combat-hardened second-in-command.

Thus the following June, O’Shea hires doctoral candidate JIM PATCHER (early 30’s), ostensibly to assist with a summer-studies program in Greece. A decorated and battlefield-commissioned former Marine, with 87 confirmed kills as a sniper, Patcher has been employed most recently as a teacher of high-school Latin. He suffers both physical and psychological scars, including nightmares and flashbacks of atrocities to which he was party in Vietnam. These visions worsen after Patcher defends O’Shea from an assassination attempt moments after their arrival in Athens – an attack O’Shea mistakenly blames on his foes within the junta.

Although he willingly volunteered for Vietnam, Patcher is now a portrait of innocence lost and a soul in crisis. He longs for a decent night’s sleep, a quiet academic life, and nothing more to do with war. Rebuffed, O’Shea grows all the more desperate to force Patcher to join his conspiracy. And when O’Shea’s scheme implodes, a consequence of both sabotage and ineptitude, Patcher must defend the hedonistic students and the woman he loves from O’Shea’s indiscriminate thirst for revenge.

In the person of O’Shea, Patcher confronts a militarist ethic he despises. Patcher sees in O' Nearly thirty years later, however, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Patcher faces the ominous realization that O’Shea’s seemingly insane predictions have come true.

EKE’BOLOS (a Homeric Greek pseudonym for the god Apollo) is set primarily in Greece, draws on actual historical events, and explores roots of the ongoing crisis in East-West relations. Its characters have been compared to those in the works of John le Carre’, notably the George Smiley novels. EKE’BOLOS has won recognition at a number of screenplay competitions, including a first-place award out of over 3,500 scripts at the Cinema City International Film Festival in Los Angeles.


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