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By Andrea Balaz

GENRE: Comedy, Musical, Other

Peter, a scientist, just testing a new drug causing the temportal loss of recent memories, has forgotten he needs to take care of his 3 kids from a divorced marriage for a while.

Moving into the house with his subject, and imposing strict rules and regulations on everyone, he can continue his experiments. But he does not count on his children giving him a dose of the drug as well, so he would became a pal instead of a despot.

He is indeed turned back to his youth, but to their chagrin, was guite a rascal then, and they end up having to take care of him as well as the house, instead of having fun.

Then the study needs to be completed early or funding will be cut, youth services is announcing a visit to check on the children seemingly left alone, and their father, having turned younger and younger with their admisitrations, finally turned into a toddler.

Catastrophe can’t be far.


Children, children („Kinder, Kinder“) Musical comedy for the whole family Exposé english Peter, a 40ish scientist, is working on a study on a new drug, which is intended to help patients with psychological traumas by temporarily inhibiting recent memories. He is supposed to start the experimental phase, but just now is reminded he needs to take care of his 3 children from a divorced marriage, since his ex-wife has an important conference to go to. On such short notice no other caretakers can be found, do he simply moves in with his test subject. It all seems to go well in the beginning, for his strict rules and plans for all in the house enable him to stick to his experiments, and carry out all of the household tasks as well. But faced with his despotic style, his children start to give him from the medicine as well, with the plan to turn him back into a child so they can have some fun. Since they need to dilute the liquid, so that nobody will find out some of it is missing, the effect on the experiment’s intended subject is minimal, and Peter simply goes to sleep each time they put the medicine in his beer. They can now do what they want, but only very, very quietly, so they don’t wake him up, and that is no fun at all. So all decide to use a much higher dosage, even though the effects are not foreseeable. The children’s father is really taken back to his youth. But he was quite a rascal, and so they end up having to take care of him and the house as well. The proband is showing considerable achievement, but there is nobody there to notice. Then the study needs to be completed early or funding will be cut, and youth welfare services is announcing a visit to check on the children who are apparently left to their own devices, but Peter is turned back into a toddler. And their mother comes back too, just as they are finally having their party. Realising that they have a responsibility too, they manage to save the situation, and the experiment is saved, their younger father falls in love with their younger mother yet again, and finally, fun is had too. While their parents love yet again does not hold, everybody has a new respect and feeling of responsibility for each other.

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