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By Olanrewaju Giwa

GENRE: Drama

President Chelsea jointly forms the Group of Eight to reduce a disturbing factor of survival, ‘Unemployment’ in the New Millennium.


This story is based on the inspiration gained by the struggling encountered to be profitably employed.

In this transitional millennia, a group of eight whom are arranged

together with different life experiences and ideas to stay afloat

independently in order to live an expected family life. This i guessed

happens by circumstances of fate, yet they decides to forestall one of

the disturbing factors of survival known as... Unemployment.

As such their ideas give birth to innovations which in turn give rise to

creations of jobs and wealth in their localized context, although this

becomes a bigger dream and a spreading task to be realized and achieved

through collected efforts of the government and private business people

like entrepreneurs, family support group, and intending social people.

Chelsea is more profound with ideas and this makes him the first

president of the senior club created by the group of eight, and among

the lists are the two brothers called Jermaine and Junile whom are

nurtured later in life by Uncle Bless, others are Victoria,

Cecelia,Fusca, Lake and, Ferry.

Alas, however the Government deem it fit to stretch an award towards the club for their voluntary job well done.

NOTE; Although character names and places or locations mention above by

the writer can be subjected to changes since this story is basically a

world issue with correctional patterns of Education, Honesty,

Discipline, Development, Solutions and Reality. Therefore, no string is

attached to a particular people and places.

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