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Bob Reynolds

Uppitty Caveman Productions
Screenwriter, Director and Producer

Flagstaff, Arizona

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About Bob

Writer/Director of several features, Producer of a feature, Screenwriting professor and Cinema Editor for paper.

Unique traits: I like humanity...



  • Santa's Suicide

    Santa's Suicide Drama A Santa with a serious death-wish travels to Las Vegas to fulfill a promise to his dying wife. There he meets strippers who represent the past, present and future as he journeys into a dark night of the soul, but not before Chris destroys a criminal organization and saves a woman and her child.

  • Vagabond

    Vagabond Drama An old poet accepts his Alzheimer's and takes one last hike in the Grand Canyon. The last hike is the best hike!


  • Dignity

    Dignity (2017)
    Film (Short, Biography and Drama) Producer Max, an old poet with Alzheimer's, decides to take one last hike into the Grand Canyon.

  • Orwell for President

    Orwell for President (2017)
    Film (Documentary, Biography and Comedy) Producer Kevin Orwell, a descendant of George Orwell, is a homeless man from the caves of Flagstaff, Arizona, who runs for the Irony Party nomination against the left/right paradigm.

  • Disciple

    Disciple (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer A violent father teaches his boy how to deal with bullies...

  • Lock-Down

    Lock-Down (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer A father's Quixotic quest to change a state actor's mind materializes at the threshold of a school lock-out.

  • JFK's Last Interview

    JFK's Last Interview (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer An 8th grade girl wins a writing contest and gets to interview the President of the United States the day before he's assassinated.

  • Staged II

    Staged II (2013)
    Film (Drama) Producer Mary, a student filmmaker, takes her two estranged brothers on a road trip to finish her thesis film project, 'Conspiracies in America' and to find out what happened on 9-11-01 when their father disappeared. They travel 5600 miles in 16 days in a motor home debating the left/right paradigm. By the time they get to New York City and ground zero, something has drastically changed in the Hart family as they find out their mother is dying of cancer, what happened to their father and that the left/right paradigm is a hoax designed to keep people infighting. A hybrid of script, improvisation and documentary that appears, like reality, staged too.

  • Howard & Loki

    Howard & Loki (2012)
    Film (Comedy and Family) Producer HOWARD BURROWS is a middle-aged family man working at a dead-end job and looking forward to retirement. Until he is replaced by a young man and a computer. Howard hates computers, but uses his family's last $100 to buy one from a mysterious woman. The computer is a LOKI and promises Howard everything can imagine: wealth, possessions, fame. But Loki can never give him money and nothing goes outside the family. Howard loses his friends and family and turns to Loki. Loki offers to help, but needs one thing in return - Howard's soul. Howard has to decide what is more important, family and friends, or riches. And he has twenty four fours to decide. Written by Anonymous

  • VEGA$ and BU$T

    VEGA$ and BU$T (2010)
    Film (Documentary and Comedy) Producer Three guys from Flagstaff, Az go to Las Vegas on a road trip, post 2008 Financial collapse. They ask the people in the streets who they trust more: the criminals that tell you its gambling and give you the odds, or the criminals on Wall Street who tell you it's investing and steal everything. At midnight the three guys put down some cash at the roulette wheel to test their hypothesis. It's a documentary of discovery where the journey is more important than the destination.

  • History of Women's Prisons

    History of Women's Prisons (2008)
    Film (Documentary) Producer HIStory of Women's Prisons tells the tale of the imprisonment of battered women who kill in self-defense or as a form of self-sacrifice to save their children and end up doing life without parole. We follow a Criminal Justice system that mandates this kind of injustice back to its source... a patriarchal control grid.

  • The Slow Cook

    The Slow Cook (2007)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer Dimitri - The Slow Cook, slowly simmers a frog in warm, then hot water ... the 'audience' of his show recognizes affinities with how the media feeds the public information. When he tosses a live frog into boiling water, the information is too obvious and the frog leaps out. Are we frogs on a slow media cook?

  • First Amendment Plaza

    First Amendment Plaza (2006)
    Film (Documentary and Short) Director First Amendment Plaza is a place where conflicting views on the tragedy of 9/11/01 should not only be tolerated, but encouraged.

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