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By Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: An alcholic copes with the lost of her child by doing what she does best. Drink. (7 pages)


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Richard Allis

Liked it. Did not see the end coming. At all. Now I want the back story. One misspell in logline -- shouldn't "lost" be "loss"? Do you belong to any local film groups who can film your stuff? Or any other avenues like that? This is good.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Thanks. I'm really going to try and get this in someone's hands. I think it would do well in film festivals and give an actress a great role to put on her reel.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Unfortunately I have to be a woman to enter that contest, lol. But thanks anyway. I really like that police officer idea. I may expand the story and use it. Really smart. That's an academy award type story right there. Thanks.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Seriously? I looked under the rules and they said if a woman were to come up with the idea, but a man wrote it, it wouldn't be eligible. So I figured well if a man thought of an idea and a man wrote it, then there's no way in hell they would accept it. That sucks. How much was it?

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