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By Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

GENRE: Drama, Horror
LOGLINE: A man accidentally kills his loved one.  (3 pages. 1 location. 2 actors) 


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Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Thanks. I would like my script to be produced. I think my version would be easier to produce, but I LOVE your version. Just a complete different story though. My script is just meant to make the audience go "ah, he got me" and send it to their friends on YouTube lol. I think it would visually be awesome.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Thanks for the read!

Richard Allis

After reading the two shorts above this, I was expecting a bigger surprise, but this turned out to be a little moire ordinary (sort of, anyway). After the first two, this was more of a disappointment as far as the surprise. Well-written though. Obviously thought something else was going on.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Yeah, don't read them all at once! haha. I think the first two are much stronger than this one. This is just for someone to make and put on Youtube really. I think it would do well there.

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