Tim Moshansky's Reel

Scouting in the Middle of Nowhere

Scouting for last-minute locations for a Samsung Galaxy commercial in Pemberton, BC Canada, a day before the shoot. No-one seems to know what is going on, or what locations we will choose. Typical of the craziness of our industry. Enjoy!

"The Birds" Movie Locations Tour

Tim and his lovely host Wendy take you on a quick tour of some of the locations used in Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller, "The Birds." Along the way, they check out the Pacific Highway in a convertible sports car, go coastal at the Bodega Bay Marina, and finish with a drive up to the Schoolhouse.

DP - Director of Photography

Tim and his lovely co-host Wendy give a quick overview of what a D.P. does on set.

Movie Lighting 101

Tim and his lovely assistant Wendy show how to achieve various lighting "moods" or effects with just a single light.

Practical Lighting

A "practical" is anything on set that actually works, like a lamp or a garden hose or a sewing machine. Practical lighting refers to any workable light, whether it's a flashlight, lamp or spotlight. If it's not a "practical" it means it does not work and is there for eye-candy or set dressing only.

Camera Placement and Framing

Tim explains how framing can affect the mood of a film and how it can help set a context or reference for the audience. Here Tim uses a re-creation of a scene from "The Graduate" to illustrate his point.

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