Allan Hall

Allan Hall

Dreamscape International Entertainment, LLC

Director, screenwriter and actor in Holiday, Florida
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Seeking producers, set builders, unit publicists and 4 more in Santa Clarita, California and Los Angeles, California

We are in need of 'Experienced Crew Members' for our major sci-fi feature film production; Suddenly Real filming in Fall; 2015. Union Crews may apply. Get locked-in Now! IMDb: Suddenly Real WE NEED LOCAL CREW FROM LOS ANGLES, and SANTA CLARITA, CA AREA FOR THE PROJECT. ARTISTS, SET BUILDERS, ASSISTANTS, VFX COMPOSITORS AND A PERSONAL (OFFICE) ASSISTANT LOTS OF SPACE, PLANETS, LANDSCAPES, SPACESHIPS AND ALIENS EXPERIENCE IS A MUST! If interested, contact Allan Hall asap at For More Info, and To View The current 'Casting Call'; Click

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Seeking actors, crew, camera operators and 15 more in Holiday, Florida

FLORIDA CASTING  CALL - USA   10/18/2014 Last Update: 03/05/2015 UPDATE: RIGHT NOW, I REALLY NEED SOMEONE CLOSE TO TARPON SPRINGS, FL AREA TO HELP OUT ON THE PROJECT. ARTISTS, SET BUILDERS, ASSISTANTS, AND A PERSONAL (OFFICE) ASSISTANT NOTICE: We apologize for the interuption; This post had expired but is now back up.                 Please read to the end and follow directions. THANK YOU! Auditions will be held ASAP in Clearwater, FL USA for English speaking talent; spots available for 6 Featured and 200+ Background Extras and Full Production Crew in the sci-fi feature film; "Suddenly Real"  based on Allan Hall's classic novel; the "Chronicles Of Dalon" by Wild Wolf Pictures and DreamScape International Entertainment.  If interested, read on... NOTE: The Auditions will be conducted via Skype by self-taped video(s) of the "sides" sent to you for reading. Crew interviews will be conducted 'Live' via Skype. Submit as instructed by the *Link below.   This is a 170 minute  (Directors Cut)  full feature length Sci-Fi Romantic action thriller with a sweet hint of horror; This is one man's search for life... not of this world. Click here for a synopsis of the film; from the Novel; available on   IF YOU APPLY; PLEASE, LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO WE CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU!! Apply only as instructed @ *  and make sure your name is on all photos.   *NOTE: The Actors and Crew chosen for the SR1 shoot will also be given the chance to be Cast in Part 2; of this film production when it becomes available in 2016; SR2 Beyond The Son.   **All wages will vary by role, and be discussed at time of Audition or Callback. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We "prefer" a Local Crew; as we all need to get together asap, and Often." If anyone is "Local" as in; the Tri-county area of Pasco County, Please contact us immediatly, Including; Pinellas, Hillsborough, Hernando or Polk if you are able to drive here on a 'daily' basis!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   AVAILABILITY TALENT Non-Union or Fi-Core... PAID Men  (Caucasian, Asian, Light Hispanic, American Indian, English and African American; ages 35 to 55) may audition. Women  (Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, Light Hispanic, English and Russian; ages 21 to 55) may audition. Children  (Caucasian; male; ages 6 to 8 and 15 to 17) may audition with parent or guardian consent. NON PAID (Credits Only) Background Extras  (Any nationality, any gender, any age) mostly all non-paid. CREW Paid. Full Crew; All non-union. Some (Credits Only) Assistants may apply for Experience/Training.   **NOTE: We are not posting every single Role or Crew position available on this site, so for further information on Submissions/Deadlines and to read the  full  'expanded'  CAST and CREW CALL of all 37 Characters Roles (Principal, Featured and Backgrounds), Production Crew needs, and the 5 Shooting Locations throughout the Florida and Georgia area, >> Click here.