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By JD Scruggs

GENRE: Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: A young woman searches for her sister’s murderer only to find herself in the clutches of a psychotic old doctor who decapitates his victims and uses their bodies to celebrate the anniversary of his deceased wife’s wedding day.


Another year has passed and Dr. Grick is gleefully anticipating another glorious wedding anniversary to his beloved wife. Problem is, she’s long since deceased and all that remains is her head. But so far this has not been a problem for Dr. Grick. Simply find an unsuspecting young woman, dress her in his wife’s wedding dress, lop off her head and put his dead wife’s head in its place. What a joyous occasion, life is good. This year celebration is no exception. His trusty servant Craig has brought them a beautiful young specimen, a little feisty and unwilling, but they are well experienced with dealing with defiance. However, this year’s unwitting volunteer is harboring a deep secret. You see, a year ago her sister disappeared, and all that was found was a decapitated corpse. Since then she has been on a blood quest to exact revenge for her sister’s murder. But the best laid plans of mice and men, or woman, are never as easy as they seem. Before long she finds herself in the clutches of an evil she could have never imagined. Her only chance of survival is to use her prowess and beauty to pit the two mad men against each other and revel in their demise, maybe…


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