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By Sean Wathen

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama, Film-noir, Mystery, Thriller
LOGLINE: Two detectives (a rookie on his first night & a veteran on his last) hunt a legendary assassin who hides in the most corrupt city in the world. This one ends with a killer twist... 
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“The Maltese Falcon” meets “The Usual Suspects” LOGLINE: After his partner’s death, a downtrodden cop must choose between resigning in defeat or taking his one final chance at cleaning up the city and finding vengeance. Reviews from the Black List website ( Black List Review #1 "The author has a great grasp of dialogue, from Lee and Michael’s opening discourse on pancakes to Michael messing with Stuart about his cocaine abuse. The dialogue contrasts nicely with the tension of the action sequences. Michael’s phrase “I’d take a stand up crook over a crooked cop any day” sums up his entire philosophy, and the plot, in a memorable way. The plot has great complexity, from the pain surrounding Lee’s death to the history between Michael and Emily. The author also has a great grasp on how the crime game works, which is evident in Michael’s conversation with Bobby on the bureaucratic lines that can’t be crossed. The hollow books are a clever plot addition, and Audrey’s reveal about Lee’s double life ups the stakes substantially. John’s reveal is a great plot twist, and Michael’s anger about introducing John to Lee’s family helps fuel the excellent action sequences at the end. Michael’s final vow to “clean up the city” shows his renewed determination to stamp out evil, and leaves room for a sequel. The script is a great crime thriller with an elevated plot and excellent dialogue. With great tension and action in the plot, the script could attract a strong action producer and appeal to broad adult audiences. Black List Review #2 The script is propulsive and economically paced, and many of the action setpieces are engaging and well-described. The narrative's thematic concerns about the nature of necessary evil are quite promising, and the wayRiverside becomes something of its own character adds a lot of dimension to the read. RIVERSIDE shows a lot of potential and its immersive, well-researched world and noir sensibility are definitely to be admired. RIVERSIDE could certainly find success as a piece of gritty genre fare, especially if helmed by a capable director. The script features a lot of promising elements that could make for a crowd-pleasing thriller."

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