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By Sean Wathen

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Film-noir, Sci-fi, Thriller

A bounty hunter pursues a fugitive accused of assassinating an American Senator onto a private, libertarian island city, only to discover he may also be the same man who murdered his own son... This script tackles the hot-button political issue of Seasteading.
(see synopsis for Coverage from The Black List (


SOLUS LOGLINE: After a political assassination, ex-cop turned bounty hunter Clint Walker travels to an ungoverned city on the sea to bring back the man responsible but ends up uncovering a larger conspiracy that ties back to the death of his own son... This script tackles the hot-button political issue of Seasteading. Reviews from the Black List website ( "SOLUS is an exciting and engaging read that offers an exciting premise, and delivers on the promise. The idea of "sea-steading", and an island that is essentially a libertarian paradise (at least in theory) is truly thought provoking and evocative of an almost Ayn Rand-like philosophy, instilled in the character of Hanson. The script is pretty well structured, the 1st Act being suspenseful and establishing the central challenges fairly quickly. Clint is a sympathetic and nicely layered character. The action scenes are well written, especially the first very suspenseful sequence when Reed escapes to Solus, which does a nice job of establishing what the city is visually. Most of the prose is clear and well written, with a distinct enough tone that it reads at the professional level. There's definitely an audience for this futuristic crime-thriller (I.E. LOOPER, etc) that were it produced could hold great appeal to fans of suspense-thrillers, action-adventure and crime-thrillers. A script like this has a decent shot in the marketplace. There's definitely an audience for it and it could likely be made a reasonable budget that would still attract studios, "mini-major" studios and large private financiers."

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