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By Sean Wathen

GENRE: Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: A psychiatrist risks his own life and sanity to save a young girl from an ancient spirit trying to possess her... (Currently on The Black List's TOP MYSTERY & SUSPENSE SCRIPTS LIST - see synopsis for details)


The Evil Inside Currently on The Black List's TOP UPLOADED SCRIPTS FOR MYSTERY & SUSPENSE Review from The Black List ( "Logline: When an unidentified young woman washes ashore after surviving an attempted murder, Detective HARRY STANSFIELD enlists psychiatrist DAVID GRIMES to attempt to find out who she is and what happened to her. But the further he digs into her past, the more he and the other members of his hospital start succumbing to odd behavior and terrifying visions. Evaluation: The scenes in the cottage are uniformly excellent, both due to their overall moodiness and the skin-crawling way the writer builds up the scare moments - the reveal that the closed door is the black rectangle Sara keeps sketching is disturbing in a very restrained, almost elegant way. The finale with the bone stakes sends the film out on a fever-pitched high note, a grand guignol set piece that brings body horror and gore into a previously supernatural-only ghost story. Restricting the majority of the film to the psychiatric hospital is both a savvy move from a production standpoint and a clever way to make these outside scenes hit even harder. The premise itself is ultimately not that much different from any other possession story, but the specificity supplied by the Native American legend and the hospital setting breathes some new life into the conventions. While there are areas of the script that could use improvement, it would be flat-out wrong to state that there isn't a huge standing audience for this type of material, both at the cinema and on VOD/streaming. So long as the budget can be kept in the $2-7m range that the majority of haunted house/possessed character films thrive in, there will be a clear path to profit. There are always external elements that skew things but this is a cost-conscious effort in what is currently the most popular subgenre of horror, so the commercial prospects are solid." COVERAGE FROM: ScreamCraft Horror Contest: "The malevolent spirit of the Wendigo provides an exciting impetus for the common possession story. The Native American backdrop and history feel like a welcome change from the Catholic exorcism version of this story. As with any possession-­"horror movie, there's a solid degree of conflict in the logline, and the execution doesn't disappoint. The characterization is strong for Dr. Grimes and Sara, with each of them getting solid, relevant backstories. It's not necessarily clear why Sara was initially cursed by the Wendigo, but her unjust suffering helps to build her connection with the reader. The internal conflict within Dr. Grimes, of him being a psychiatrist and yet facing the supernatural, is excellent. The plotting of this project is nicely loaded with conflict, there's a great sense of escalation already scripted in this project, which helps to keep it engaging. The writers have a good sense of style, and to their credit, keep the read moving along nicely."

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