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By Sean Wathen

GENRE: Horror, Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller
LOGLINE: A group of six strangers awake to find themselves in an endless cornfield, with only their instincts and a collection of seemingly random items to help them find a way out...


"The Field" is a suspenseful thriller filled with intrigue and mystery. Think of it as "Cube" meets "Saw." A group of six strangers wake up in an endless cornfield with no idea how they got there. They each wake up with a different item on them: a compass, a knife, a gun with one bullet, matches, an oil lantern,and a water bottle half full. While these items seem random, they actually hold the key to solving their way out. For throughout the field are a series of puzzles that the six strangers must work together to solve. Now in the midst of trying to solve the puzzles, figure out who they each are, how they got there, and how to get out, there is something picking them off one by one. Something in... "The Field."

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