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By Sean Wathen

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Film-noir, Thriller
LOGLINE: A covert agent is framed for murder when he uncovers a nefarious secret organization who plan to assassinate the president.
(currently on the Top Action Scripts, Top Drama Scripts, Top Uploaded Mystery Scripts, and Top Uploaded Screenplay Lists on The Black List site - see Synopsis for details)



Reviews from The Black List website where the script spent a month on the Top Uploaded Action Scripts List & the Top Uploaded Screenplays List: Review #1 This is an entertaining and engaging script, with many fun and exotic locations and scenes. The script is solidly structured and plotted. There are numerous setups and payoffs.The opening sequence, involving a surprise twist emanating from a piece of furniture, is an original twist on the Trojan horse. Vincent and Sarah have a decent chemistry when they have a moment or two together. The writing style is distinct and very professional. There is good work here setting up a possible sequel or even franchise of films. This script (and possible sequels) could have broad appeal to fans of action-adventure and espionage-thriller films. Review #2 THE SHEPHERD CONSPIRACY is a gripping and well written thriller. It has great staccato prose that flies from one scene to the next. The pacing is quick and tense. Action is gritty and tough, reminiscent of the BOURNE IDENTITY or HAYWIRE. The dialogue nails the tone of a spy thriller. The core relationship is nicely under-played. It's romantic and sexy without being forced. Betrayals and character revelations are well executed and genre appropriate. The mystery/conspiracy unfolds at the perfect pace to keep theaudience engaged. Review #3 In the vein of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the story takes the audience on an exhilarating roller coaster ride of sleek action and a save-the-world-while-looking-good plot. Vincent and Sara embody a sexual chemistry that matches their deadliness. Vincent is rugged and unpredictable, with a loyalty to service and saving lives that makes it easy to root for him. Sultry and witty, Sara offers an excellent counterpoint and guilty pleasure, a role any actress would enjoy playing. Vincent's opening mission sequence is inventive and elegant, and the action is consistently kinetic and visceral. The writing is not only cool but also lean. It exhibits a keen eye for potential shots and camera movements, typically considerations left to the director. The innovative action sequences and badass lead roles offer a fresh, original take on a well-tread government conspiracy plot. This script has definite commercial potential and offers up plenty of actor bait. Review #4 In terms of plotting this script is solid and comes together nicely. The writer does do an excellent job of keeping the obstacles coming at Vincent and Sara. Scripts of this variety can sink or swim based on the amount of conflict generated in the story and in this case the writer manages to make things sufficiently difficult for the protagonists. The action sequences are extremely well conceived and the descriptions make them exciting and easy to visualize. Overall this is a solid script with professional caliber writing and an entertaining premise.

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