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By Zeljko Jax Rashevic

GENRE: Drama

Two naïve young men endanger their lives when they battle against ruthless wealth and city corruption to save jobs and their inherited guitar factory.


Present time, US. Two young men, Eddie, a black American who is a debt collector with muscles and Tom, white American accountant suddenly inherit the abandoned guitar factory that is in a rich part of the city, from Mr. Moore, their guitar teacher and decide to start again production of guitars, but they face resistance and obstruction from McKinley, a wealthy neighbor who does not want the plant in the neighborhood and offers to Eddie and Tom to buy the factory from them, but they refuse him. With personal and business problems Eddy and Tom start the production by any means. After finding new customers, Eddy and Tom invent the new kind of electric guitar and with a lot of effort they hire the famous rapper Killy and legendary rock guitarist Matt to promote their guitars, but McKinley manages to close their factory with the help of Mayor, which infuriates factory workers that with help of Killy and Matt organize a protest concert in front of the factory. When their protest comes in the media and receive sympathy of citizens who join the protest, Mayor decides to re- let the work of the guitar factory, but just as they celebrate the victory the arson breaks out in the factory that brings Eddie and Tom in mortal danger while at last reveals the bitter truth about who really is behind it


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