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By Zeljko Jax Rashevic

GENRE: Comedy, Horror, Thriller

An angry young man seeks retribution for his father’s death. He develops a website to exact revenge but a twisted fate of injustice causes him to flee for his life.


Present time, U.S. After his father's death, Johnny is angry not only at doctor, but also at society, so together with his friends starts the web site,, where anyone who's frustrated or angry at boss, employer, etc, can anonymously get even by sending dirty stuff about that person, to their website and get the revenge on that person by exposing the "villan". At first, little revenges occurs, some one gets exposed with secret lover, someone's tires gets slashed or someone arrested for bribery, but soon bizarre killings start to happen.The owner of paint factory drowns in the paint reservoir, owner of the trucking company dies tied to the truck wheel, etc. All killed in style of their bussines, and marked as "bad guys" at "". Johnny tries to find the killer, and to stop web site, but ends-up on his web site's "black list", hunted by the motorcycle gang. He manages to escape and to hide at Rebecca, a concentration camp survivor, in her house by the lake, but the motorcycle gang finds him and so does the killer.


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