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By Maria Blanco H.

GENRE: Action, Drama

An ambitious priest in desperate need to support his struggling community; meets a computer hacker with “Robin Hood” complex, who sets up a cyber-heist to give back.


OPULENCE explores some of the less sacred aspects of the Catholic priesthood. The difficult path FATHER DANIEL has a to tread with those that involve fundraising, negotiating with his venial superiors and handling donors who want a return on their investment, while meeting the needs of his parishioners. He also has to deal with his superior, the obnoxious BISHOP JUDE, and will stop at nothing to embark on a personal vendetta against him. Father Daniel always has the best of intentions, but finds himself surrounded by corruption on all sides, that he has to learn to fight fire with fire and accept the help of people who have fewer moral scruples than he does, including SOLOMON, the computer hacker who offers to infiltrate the Vactican Bank System to find life-long funding for his church, and is prepared to play dirty in service of a good cause.


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