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By Stewart Reade Wauchop

GENRE: Fantasy

As the North Pole melts, a desperate Santa undertakes a dangerous mission into space to gather a comet's icy tail to refreeze the pole, save Christmas, his ice castle and the planet. But Oliver Guzz, his nemesis will go to any lengths to stop him and drill the North Pole for its oil.


As global warming melts the poles, Santa's ice castle along with the planet is threatened. All the gifts in the workshop are being destroyed and Santa is desperate. He comes up with the idea to adapt his sleigh for space travel, and with his expandable Santa sack, journey to the tail of Halley's comet, collect its ice in the sack and distribute it over both North and South Pole. His creepy nemesis Oliver Guzz, an oil baron, whose wells are running dry, plans to drill the oil under the North Pole when it has melted - he is determined to stop Santa by any means.

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