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Vittorio Rossi

Actor, Director, Playwright and Screenwriter

Montréal, Canada

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About Vittorio

Vittorio Rossi is a playwright, actor, director, and screenwriter. He is widely considered to be the inaugural Italian-Canadian voice on the English-Canadian stage. He has had ten plays produced at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre, making him the most produced playwright of original work along with David Fennario, in the theatre’s history. His plays include: Little Blood Brother, Backstreets, The Chain, Scarpone, In Pursuit Of A Cow, The Last Adam, Love and Other Games, Filumena (in translation), Paradise By The River, his monumental A Carpenter’s Trilogy comprising Hellfire Pass, Carmela’s Table, and The Carpenter. His latest play The Envelope was produced in 2015. His plays have been produced in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, New York City, Boston, Syracuse and the Stratford Festival. To date he has logged in over 4000 hours in rehearsals as both playwright and director. His plays have won awards including the Canadian Author’s Literary Award for Drama in 1996 for The Last Adam. He is also the recipient of the 1994 Premio Award given by the Canadian Italian Business Professionals Association in the field of Creativity for bringing honour and distinction to the Italian-Canadian community with his body of work. In 1987 Rossi became playwright-in-residence at the Centaur Theatre, and in 1990-91 he was writer-in-residence at Concordia University where he also taught playwriting. In 2003, Rossi taught screenwriting at the University of Sherbrooke.

As an actor, Rossi appeared as a regular as Dino Marrone on Urban Angel and as Detective Tom Celano in the award-winning French-language TV series Omertá. His film credits include performances in the CBS Emmy Award-winning Day One, and the critically acclaimed feature Malarek. Rossi was also a co-star in Le Sphinx and played the lead in the film Canvas, starring opposite Gary Busey and John Rhys-Davies. Other films include The Timekeeper and The Walk directed by Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis. He has written several screenplays and has directed a film version of Little Blood Brother. His plays are published by TalonBooks.


  • The Walk

    The Walk (2015)
    Film by Robert Zemeckis (Adventure, Biography, Drama and Thriller) Actor Twelve people have walked on the moon, but only one man - Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - has ever, or will ever, walk in the immense void between the World Trade Center towers. Guided by his real-life mentor, Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley), and aided by an unlikely band of international recruits, Petit and his gang overcome long odds, betrayals, dissension and countless close calls to conceive and execute their mad plan. Robert Zemeckis, the director of such marvels as Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Back to the Future, Polar Express and Flight, again uses cutting edge technology in the service of an emotional, character-driven story. With innovative photorealistic techniques and IMAX 3D wizardry, The Walk is true big-screen cinema, a chance for moviegoers to viscerally experience the feeling of reaching the clouds. The film, a PG-rated, all-audience entertainment for moviegoers 8 to 80, unlike anything audiences have seen before, is a love letter to Paris and New York City in the 1970s, ... Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • The Timekeeper

    The Timekeeper (2009)
    Film by Louis Bélanger (Adventure and Drama) Actor After his father's death, innocent Martin Bishop is left with nothing financially. He is however left with his father's belief that "if a man loses everything but still chooses to do what's right, then he's lost nothing at all", a belief to which Martin clings. He decides to head north to take a job on one of the Great Slave Lake Railroad's remote construction crews, working as its timekeeper, the person who keeps the records of hours worked for payroll. Martin quickly learns of the rampant corruption at his camp, led by the sadistic foreman, Fisk, who orders Martin to inflate his hours worked, and keep on the payroll those men who he has banished from the camp in order to pocket their wages. Those banished men are left to fend for themselves since they are provided no means of transportation out and have no money. They survive living off the scraps of food from the camp's dump, which is why they're referred to as the "garbage eaters". After Martin thinks that Fisk has killed one of ... Written by Huggo

  • Canadian Case Files

    Canadian Case Files (2005)
    Television (Crime) Actor Inside every crime is a story waiting to be told. Canadian Case Files goes to the heart of these stories, investigating real-life Canadian criminal cases in a 30-minute format that is riveting, sharp and to the point.

  • View of Terror

    View of Terror (2003)
    TV Movie by Louis Bélanger (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor A stalker picks up the scent of a beautiful young woman.

  • Omertà - Le dernier des hommes d'honneur

    Omertà - Le dernier des hommes d'honneur (1999)
    Television Actor

  • Post Mortem

    Post Mortem (1999)
    Film by Louis Bélanger (Crime, Drama and Romance) Actor A mother who supports her child with a credit card scam and an accused rapist meet and form a unique bond.

  • Bonanno: A Godfather's Story

    Bonanno: A Godfather's Story (1999)
    TV Movie by Michel Poulette (Crime and Drama) Actor The true life story of mafia boss Joesph Bonanno. The story spans from Bonanno's early beginings in Italy, to his conquests in America.

  • Omertà II - La loi du silence

    Omertà II - La loi du silence (1997)
    Television (Drama) Actor

  • Suspicious Minds

    Suspicious Minds (1997)
    Film by Alain Zaloum (Thriller) Actor Detective Jack Ramsey is hired to follow Isabelle, the beautiful, but unfaithful wife of a millionaire industrialist. As Jack works the case, he is uncontrollably drawn to Isabelle, and they begin a passionate affair.

  • Strip Search

    Strip Search (1997)
    Film by Rod Hewitt (Action and Drama) Actor Robby Durrell is the prince of the vice squad. A man who's seen it all and done a little of it too. But when the enchanting Sela hires him to help track down her stripper-stepdaughter, Robby learns there's more to Sela than meets the eye. Written by <>

  • Omerta, la loi du silence

    Omerta, la loi du silence (1996)
    Television (Thriller and Crime) Actor Gilbert Tanguay, the director of the anti-crime squad, hires two men to catch the head of Montreal's Mafia, Giuseppe Scarfo. One, Pierre Gauthier, is going to lead the investigation, and the other, François Pelletier, is going to go undercover. Written by Martin Ouellet <>

  • Le sphinx

    Le sphinx (1995)
    Film by Louis Saia (Drama) Actor A school teacher falls in love with a stripper/singer. He even leaves his wife and children for her. He soon spends a lot of time at the club where he works part-time as the M.C.. But the owner, a mobster, interferes in the relationship which brings fear and violence into the game. Written by Steve Richer <>

  • Vendetta II: The New Mafia

    Vendetta II: The New Mafia (1993)
    TV Movie by Ralph L. Thomas (Drama) Actor Nancy now lives as a nun in a Sicilian monastery. The don arranges for her to see her daughter on occasion. A rival group within his outfit wants to use this to bring in the change of leadership. There's also a journalist snooping around.

  • Urban Angel

    Urban Angel (1991 - 1992)
    Television (Adventure, Crime and Drama) Actor This show, broadcast after midnight, revolves around a newspaper, The Montreal Tribune. Victor Torres, an ex-con who took a fall for his friend Dino Moroni, was hired by the paper's editor, Francine Primeau, after he was paroled. Victor uses his contacts in the underworld to dig out stories about crime. Also on the paper are the city editor, Bob; Bill Rack, the old reporter awaiting retirement, and Rachel Kane, the young reporter; Hubie Collison, the copy editor; Sylvie Belanger, the police reporter; and the staff photographer, Marine Beaudoin. Written by J.E. McKillop <>

  • Canvas

    Canvas (1992)
    Film by Alain Zaloum (Crime) Actor Ozzie Decker is an art dealer and a thief. He steals paintings for customers. Frank reluctantly begins to work with Ozzie because Frank's brother owes a lot of money to the mob. On his first art heist, Frank works directly with long-time henchman Nick. Nick and Frank barely survive the Klee heist, and the painting is damaged in process. Unhappy about the Klee canvas, Ozzie puts the pair of thieves onto another target: a Cezanne painting. To secure the continued obedience of his newest colleague, Ozzie kidnaps Frank's girlfriend. Written by Ken Miller <>

  • Vincent et moi

    Vincent et moi (1990)
    Film by Michael Rubbo (Drama, Family and Fantasy) Actor While sketching one day, 13 year old Jo encounters a mysterious art dealer who buys a few of her drawings and commissions her to do some more. Some time thereafter she reads a news story about a million dollar sale of some drawings of a young Vincent Van Gogh. She enlists the aid of some friends and heads to Amsterdam in search of the mystery man. Or, should she go to 19th century Arles in search of Vincent himself? Written by Fryingham

  • Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster

    Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster (1989)
    Film by George Erschbamer (Action) Actor A Vietnam vet breaks out of a mental institution to go after drug-dealing gangsters who are selling contaminated product that is killing people.

  • Malarek

    Malarek (1988)
    Film by Roger Cardinal (Action and Biography) Actor Based on Victor Malarek's best-selling autobiography, this is the extraordinary true story of a streetwise kid who emerges from a violent and unjust background to become a top journalistic reporter. The gunning down of an unarmed juvenile by a trigger happy cop leads the young reporter, Victor Malarek, into an investigation of the local detention center and its record of suspicious deaths. Written by Anonymous

  • And Then You Die

    And Then You Die (1987)
    Film by Francis Mankiewicz (Crime and Drama) Actor

  • First Offender

    First Offender (1987)
    TV Movie by Timothy Bond (Drama) Actor

  • Ford: The Man and the Machine

    Ford: The Man and the Machine (1987)
    TV Movie by Allan Eastman (Biography and Drama) Actor

  • Discussions in Bioethics: If You Want a Girl Like Me

    Discussions in Bioethics: If You Want a Girl Like Me (1985)
    Film by Susan Huycke (Short) Actor

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