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By Anthony Mouasso

GENRE: Independent, Sci-fi, Drama

In the Greek-Roman Pantheon, Cybèle was considered as magna mater: The Earth Goddess. In the Cybernetic Age, Cybelle has been defined as an android project to preserve human genome from extinction.


Cybele was an originally Anatolian mother goddess. Little is known of her oldest Anatolian cults, other than her association with mountains, hawks and lions.

In Greece, Cybele met with a mixed reception. She was partially assimilated to aspects of the Earth-goddess Gaia, her Minoan

equivalent Rhea, and the Corn-Mother goddess Demeter. Some citystates, notably Athens, evoked her as a protector.

In Rome, Cybele was known as Magna Mater ("Great Mother").

Theme:Clearly about cybernetics, androids, drones and how those systems will be able in the future, to affect us all mere humans.

Something worth noting, this dense theme permeates throughout all the movie industry's history.

Production:Nanototem Ltd UK (Rights Holder) + A French Executive Production Company.

The French production company will be responsible for the shoot in

Paris in accordance with french laws.

Nanototem Ltd will supervise the entire operation. From inception

to completion. The post-production will be taken care of in UK.

Budget:We elaborated during the preparation a budget of: 1 900 000 €. In $, 2 095 130, if you compare the two currencies right now, as

of December 2015. Making an ambition science-fiction movie for less would be impossible. The movie Monsters (2010) was instrumental for us in

terms of production process. Instead of copy/pasting what they did, we decided to improve upon what they achieved. We will make the

post-production by ourselves, digital special effects included, but we will use professional cameras instead during the shoot in Paris,

in a 4K format.

The Team:Still in deliberation, but if you want to make a few research here are a few links

Sylvain Despretz

Darina Agaeva

Sébastien Pérès

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