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By Brian O'Connor

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: The school jock who thinks he has life on a string gets his world turned upside down by the smartest girl in school.


The school jock's world takes a turn when he can't work his charms on the smartest girl in school. Mike and his smarter friend Robby, who copies his every move, take an AP sociology class. Mike meets Meg, crunchy granola and cute, who resists his charms. Nothing works for Mike as the school year passes, even when he asks her for help. Mike, his girlfriend Kitty, Robby and some friends attend a graduation party one of Robby's longtime friends, full of drama club kids, including Meg. The friends sit off by themselves, only to have Meg appear and command the room by dancing seductively. The friends exit, the girls upset with Meg's show. Mike and Robby and Robby hit the local bar over Christmas break only to run into Meg. A little tipsy, she confronts Mike about her dancing at the party. He explains that it was his girlfriend that didn't like her dancing, that it actually turned him on. Mike and Meg have sex in Robby's car in the parking lot. After they're finished, Meg starts to leave. This confuses Mike, but Meg wants nothing to do with them being a couple. Meg leaves the car. Mike is on stage at college, now taking a theatre clss. Annie, crunchy granola and cute, plays a scene opposite Mike. Could it start all over again?


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