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By Brian O'Connor

GENRE: Drama

When a man who deserted his family years ago gets word that his wife has cancer, he must fight his demons and accept the help of others, including a mystical truck driver, and make his way back to a son he didn't know he had.


Hank, socially anxious and depressed, fled his Phoenix home years ago and has lived in a NYC flophouse in an alcoholic haze. When he learns that his wife Alice has cancer, and that he has a son he didn't know about, Hank knows needs to go home but has doubts.

With the flophouse owner's help, Hank starts his journey. Much like his life in general, his path meanders. He meets several different characters along the way, goes off course several times and ends up in a van with a bunch of punks. They beat him, take what little cash he has and leave him for dead on a country road.

When he thinks he can go no farther, a gleaming tractor trailer, which we've seen glimpses of along the way, arrives. Big Joe and his rig The Shadow take Hank the rest of the way, and help him realize help is out there if you ask for it but it needs to start with him.


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