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By Robert David Olsen

GENRE: Thriller

Two boys stumble upon Native American artifacts that lead them on a journey, only to discover legends of a cannibalistic demon are true.


Adam and Jared are your typical teen boys. They have been friends since they were kids, even though their families have traveled very different paths. They still spend most of their time together when they aren’t busy at school. Their lives are forever changed one normal, June afternoon. The boys are relaxing, smoking pot in a Tucson wash, when they are caught by police, leading them on a chase through the streets of downtown Tucson. When they nearly get caught hiding out in an old abandoned house, nothing can prepare them for what they will uncover. They find a hidden room, full of Native American artifacts. After stealing an old Apache tomahawk, Jared and Adam discover, there’s more to this artifact than they know. Hidden inside the handle, they find a map that could have gone unseen for hundreds, even thousands of years! After researching what they can, they come to a realization. The map may lead them to the location of undiscovered treasures, relics, and religious artifacts, which they can sell to a museum for a large amount of fast cash. Sometimes, however, what one doesn’t know can kill. Thousands of years ago, the Zuni tribe in northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona made a deal. They pleaded with the Apaches to contain a beast. The creature was known as A’tahsaia, the Cannibal Demon. It had tormented the Zuni people for thousands of years. In a trade deal, the Apaches were charged in containing the beast in the mountains of southern Arizona. The beast remained there, contained from the world for years. Unknown to the boys, they don’t realize they are about to walk into an oblivion. What they don’t know is the map was created by Apache warriors, to document the beast’s location. They will, however have help. Suski, a native Zuni tribesman, has been searching for the beast for nearly two decades through southern Arizona. When Suski was younger, he was blamed for the death of his best friend, who was killed by the beast. In this, he was banished from his home, never to return. Suski has made it his life’s mission to destroy the beast that destroyed his life. With the wisdom of the spirit of his father, Haba, Suski will use the boys to destroy the beast, and save their lives in the process. Will the boys make it out of there alive? Will Suski destroy the beast and regain his honor? All hell will break loose when everyone converges on the beast’s den in a battle where heroes become legends, and boys make the transformation into men.

Kevin Alexander Macci

Atahsaia is supposed to be several times larger than a human being. Id love to see how on earth you are going to pull that off on a low budget

Robert David Olsen

It depends on the interpretation.. He's described in some cases being up to 12 feet tall. In some instances he's been described as a disfigured old man, too... Besides, it doesn't take a big budget to make a monster look big. Not if you shoot it right, at least... Thanks for the input!

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