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By Ritchie Johnston

GENRE: Action, Thriller, Comedy, Crime

A down on his luck Stoner, his best friend, his renegade brother and a headstrong reporter find themselves on an against the odds mission to expose a global conspiracy



Five years ago in the heat of the Spanish sun, out in the desert, Ben Stone, a criminal mastermind with revenge on his mind, is brought before a cartel leader, Gomez Siracantra along with another unknown captive, a dangerous deal is made...

In the present day, down on his luck, stoner, Rick Stone finds his life turned upside down, starting with an awkward reconnect with his ex girlfriend Clarissa and her new guy Alexander, Ricks day gets progressively worse when a frantic man comes to him with an envelope and message from his brother Ben. Before the message is relayed, the man is assassinated and Rick is set up for the murder. Rick gives the envelope to his best friend Damien, who is along with Rick for the ride, passes out from shock. Rick goes in pursuit of the assassin, whilst the unconscious Damien is pick pocketed by the enigmatic Annie.

After a long chase Rick catches the Assassin but nothing goes as planned and the assassin ends up dead and Rick in police custody. It is here he learns that he cannot trust anyone and that there is a long list of names after Ben and the item Ben had passed to Rick. Rick plays innocent and eventually is released, knowing he can't trust anyone he goes to recover the envelope from Damien, who reveals that the envelope is missing. At the same time Annie picks up Rick at gun point.

During an interrogation from the tactfully aggressive woman, Rick manages to escape, he retraces the footsteps from his pursuit of the assassin. He finds the dead killer’s dropped cellphone, it is with this he gets his next lead to a meet the following night.

Rick and Damien follow the lead, they accidentally find themselves in the middle of Alexander and Clarissa’s engagement party, but confusion occurs when Rick sees the dirty cop who threatened him. Rick follows the cop but is quickly captured along with Damien.

It is here we discover that Alexander is part of a conspiracy ran by a group called "The Syndicate" a shadow organization that is led by twelve, no one knows their identity but they basically rule the world, they run drugs, cash, businesses and countries. Alexander wants the envelope Rick was given but when he finds out they don't have it he orders them executed along with Ben.

After a brief family reunion that turns sour as the brothers Stone argue, Annie saves them from near death by causing a freak accident and one of the black sites where the syndicate launders their cash is destroyed, however Ben takes a van filled with the syndicates assets and along with the rest of the gang escapes to the sunny Norfolk countryside.

At an old family cabin, hidden out of the way, Ben explains the truth, after their parents died Ben discovered his father was an intelligence officer who was investigating the Syndicate which may have led to the deaths of Both Rick and Ben’s parents. Seeking revenge, Ben followed the clues his father left in the basement to someone in Hamburg who told him Gomez was the trigger man.

Ben followed the trail to Spain and as he was about to be killed, the contact in Hamburg reveals themselves to be the other captive and they are none other than Alexander, who wants Gomez dead because he has information on the twelve, he also reveals Gomez wasn't the trigger man, he needed Ben to get close so Alexander could come and take the information for himself. Alexander kills Gomez and Ben manages to escape, he goes into hiding until he checks in on Rick and sees Alexander with Clarissa.

Ben met Annie, a head strong reporter and she was the one who is going to expose the syndicate to the world, until Ben was captured one week before the meet at the coffee house.

Hurt by the fact the truth was kept from him Rick storms out and finds his fathers intel hidden in the basement.

Ben, Annie and Damien use the U.S.B stick inside the envelope it reveals the names of everyone involved with the Syndicate and somewhere in there is the leaders names. The victory is short lived however as Alexander turns up with a small security team capturing Ben, Annie and Damien and leaving Rick for dead after shooting him in the chest.

Everyone is taken to Alexanders car dealership where Alexander attempts a power grab but finds his owns plans were already known of because one of the twelve is under his very nose. Clarissa turns up and reveals she is one of the twelve using Rick to get close to Ben but then having to change her plans when she learnt of Alexanders own scheme. As she orders everyone executed Rick bursts through the wall in a van. He attempts to make a deal for the groups lives assuring Clarissa that the money they stole from the now destroyed black site is in the van.

She sends a security team in but finds the van is loaded with explosives, Rick reveals to the team he used the blue prints and plans he found in the basement and is glad that it all worked out that way as he didn't have a clue what he was doing. A fight ensues Clarissa is taken down by Damien but not before shooting Rick in the thigh and allowing Alexander to escape.

Ben chases after Alexander along with Rick, this ends in a car pursuit which results in both vehicles crashing off a bridge into a river. A final fight ensues but Alexander is assassinated by the Syndicates sharp shooters. We are led to believe the same fate happened to Rick and Ben.

Some time passes and Annie argues with her editor who refuses to print the story, he takes the U.S.B and Annie quits her job realising that the Syndicate has him on the books too. As she leaves she finds a note on her desk directing her to a marina.

At the marina an alive and well Rick tells her the remaining eleven weren't in agreement with Clarissa, in exchange for the full truth about their father Ben has to go with them. As a parting gift they allow Rick a new identity on the agreement they never cross paths again. Mad at Rick for accepting the deal Rick explains he used it as an opportunity to start fresh, he took the missing Syndicate money and brought the boat to go out to the middle of nowhere and with Annies help expose the Syndicate for what they really are.

Rick asks Annie to go with him, to adventure into the unknown, laughing at the fact that weeks ago he was only a shut in, they both sail off into the sunset with the mission ahead to bring the truth to the world.


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