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By Travis Calvert

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

A city dwelling Mexican dreamer fleeing corrupt cops winds up in the Nevada desert mistaken for the new pastor of a small town. He races to escape before his identity is revealed only to wind up falling in love with an attractive single mother who just happens to be the town doctor and the sheriff’s daughter.


LUIS HERNANDEZ, has lived in the city his whole life. When he is “mistakenly” arrested and driven out to the desert to be disposed of by corrupt cops when they realize he might testify against them, he has no choice but to flee on foot after narrowly escaping a cruel execution. He manages to thumb down a ride with an old man who just happens to be the new pastor the little town of Borax is expecting. Luis is attempting to explain his lack of faith, when the pastor has a stroke and the car careens off into the ditch.

The local sheriff arrives on the scene and mistakes Luis for the pastor, and it is here the comedy of errors begins. They take the real pastor to the town doctor, who also happens to be the sheriff’s daughter and a single mother. Luis is instantly smitten with her, but before he even has time to think of his next move, he is propped up in front of a congregation to present his first sermon. He steps into the role using everything he ever learned on the streets in the way of people skills. The townsfolk, despite their suspicion at this unorthodox outsider, warm to him.

Every attempt he makes at escape is thwarted and ironically he ends up serving the role of pastor quite successfully; he sets a bickering couple seeking marriage counseling straight when he tells them to get a divorce, he befriends the two old bitter suspicious town spinsters who are the bedrock of the community, he allies himself with the bartender, and even offers critically needed advice to the town’s teenagers in the way of sexual relations.

When his identity is finally revealed, he manages an aerial escape in a rickety old bi-plane. Taking one last look at the town and it’s inhabitants from overhead, he circles back returning to fulfill commitments he made to them. Just as they had ingratiated themselves with him, so had he with them.


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Pamela Bolinder

LOL. This not going to go well when the actual preacher shows... Is the sheriff doing a background check? I'd watch this!

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