Woody Splawn's Reel

Bambi The High-Wire Girl

This is a song about a man who's married to someone half his age. Copyright 1982 Woody Splawn. Lyrics follow: We travel the circuit from city to town, It's "Bambi - the High Wire Girl." And I tag along like an old circus clown, For Bambi the High Wire Girl. But she looks so pretty, dangling there, Five hundred feet off the ground. Her outfit's so skimpy, But that's just for show. It's Bambi the High Wire Girl. Sometimes I'm wimpy, and sometimes I'm strong, For Bambi the High Wire Girl, And...

Player in the Band

This is a song that probably appears disjointed to some, and maybe it is. This may sound selfish but when I write, I write for myself. If I like it, that's all that matters. But, on the outside chance that someone else may be intrigued, I'll say the following: This has a kind of country feel to it, but I have always loved country music. In fact, I think the only difference between country music and soul music is how you spell the word. In one case it's soul, in another its sole, like on the...

Clarence was a frog

People think this is a song for children. It's not. It's an autobiography that little children seem to like. The lyrics go tell it best. Clarence was a frog and he lived beneath the moon and his heart went thump and his eyes bugged out when he thought about his girlfriend Celia. But she didn't know Clarence was alive and ya know it even made him cry. Though the moon came up and the stars shown bright and the nights were made for love Clarence sat alone, in the middle of the pond, shootin...

There oughta be a way

A love song about a guy (or it could be sung by a girl) who's thinking that there ought to be a way to get the attention or affection of his love. It has a kind of Jazz feel to it, without being too far out. Bottom line: If I don't get your eye, alright, I'm not going to die over it - but - "There oughta be a way." Written by Woody Splawn. Copyright 2005. Lyrics are available in the About->Resume section of my profile.

Sailing Toward the Sunset

A seven minute music and vocal piece with six distinct sections, any of which make for great support for a variety of film scenes. Primarily inter-personal relationships – clean. Lyrics available in the About, Resume/CV section of my profile. Score is available in Sibelius music notation software and or Finale. Woody Splawn - © Feb 2010

Music Theme025 Wdy - The Grand March of the Apes

Something guttural for a movie that brings out the Ubangi in you! A music score with a sub title, "The Grand March of the apes." I have the score for this. I created it in Sibelius Music notation software. The written score may be seen in the About->Resume section of my profile or email me for more information. Email: wsplawn@comcast.net

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