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By Christian S Valenza

GENRE: Not selected

An action adventure set on the Tex/Mex Border seen through the eyes of a alcoholic Border Agent that has to redeem himself by saving an illegal immigrant's kidnapped infant from a Cartel Boss, who just happens to be the father.


An alcoholic US Border Agent RIOS and partner MIKE, rescue an illegal immigrant named ISABELLA, who crosses the border along with her child. Rios then realizes this same woman was the pregnant witness in his accidentally shooting of an Undercover DEA agent one year ago. Rios hides the girl at his father’s horse ranch, but Mike an unwilling partner points out the tracking bracelet still around Isabella’s ankle. Rios makes off to the Border Patrol Station to retrieve some hydraulic bolt cutters to get rid of the GPS, but unknown to the Border Agents is the infant’s father is the son of Mexican Cartel Boss. The Grandfather wants his grandson back with him in Mexico and is willing to kill to get the child back. It is REBATE, a wild black Stallion on the Horse Ranch that announces the arrival of a black SUV with two bad guys tracking Isabella’s GPS signal. They break into the house, shoot and kill Rios’s Father, critically wound Isabella and shoot Mike. They take the infant, and spare the wounded Mike only because of Rebates intercession of being a shield against further gunfire. Rios upon returning learns of the events and is traumatized knowing he is the reason for more deaths at the consequences of his actions. Now with Isabella in a coma, Rios goes on a drinking binge cursing God in front of a Cathedral and ends up in a Mexican bar where the Bar Owners discover he is an off duty Border Agent. Unfortunately I have to leave off at this point, for I have been trying for the last two years to put this story into 450 words or less and it never does it justice. Let me say this, after three years of writing this script I still tear up every time I read the damn thing.


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