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By Gregory McGee

GENRE: Historical, Comedy

Uncovers the essential reason why Eastern and Western cultures can't get along.


People often forget that less than a century ago, America had no problems with The Middle East. Most of us didn’t even know what it was, or care. Some things about Persia sounded neat. Flying carpets. Genies.

Then oil became kind of important, and U.S. began to see the end of their massive oil reserves, and started looking elsewhere in the world.

The clash of those first meetings between oil executives and Arab camel herders (not to be seen as an insult, just acknowledging a widely used trade.) These were two cultures that were so far different that it was almost impossible to have any sort of agreement in reality. Sometimes they didn’t even have a word to describe our concept. And vice versa. Essentially each race looked awfully stupid and pig headed to the other one.

It’s a moment like this where the story of “Oil Boom” begins.

Note: The script is a short, but this intended to be the beginning of a feature length film, with many more historical looks and laughs.


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Michael George

Great title, haven't been able to download though. Maybe a problem at my end. May the success gods look kindly upon your higher aspirations!

Gregory McGee

Sorry I took so long to get back to this. Got sidetracked. But you should be able to read the script now. I still can't read it without laughing my butt off. But that's just me..

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