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By Christine Koehler

GENRE: Family

A feisty teen Elf sets out to rekindle the dwindling spirit of Christmas and must join forces with the person responsible - The town Scrooge.



Christine Koehler

Cheyenne is a teenage elf living with her adoptive grandparents, Santa and Mrs. Claus. Because ofher inner sadness from the death of her parents ten years earlier, she's spent these years pulling mean pranks, causing chaos between friends, and finally wreaking havoc with Santa. This was the last straw.

During a meeting between Santa and his Board of Elves, Cheyenne overhears a devastating conversation regarding the town her parents met and married. Dickens. They will not be celebrating Christmas this year. In her usual manner, she barged in demanding, pleading, and finally bargaining to be sent to the depressed town of Dickens to stay with her Aunt Lisa. While there, she promises to restore the spirit of Christmas, or lose her elfin powers which include her healing touch.

Meanwhile, in the Village of Dickens, Charles Jackson III, aka; Jack, aka; the village Scrooge, is doing a number on his employees. With owning the largest manufacturing plant around, he employees 3/4 of the people in town. Just when money is tight he decides against giving Christmas bonus' this year along with laying them off over the holidays, based on his own personal greed. As a result, the townspeople are very depressed with little means to celebrate the customary Christmas Eve, so have cancelled the whole holiday.

As Cheyenne travels to Dickens on the magical train, she transforms into a human except her tiny elfin ears. Her troubles begin immediately when she meets three nerdy ten year olds who discover she is from another realm, then by perhaps fate, slides right into the paths of the town's mean girls whose mean spirited pranks put Cheyenne's to shame.

After a few run in's with the mean girls, led by Allison, Cheyenne is accepted into their group. Or so she thinks. Allison set's Cheyenne up for trouble when asked to join the girls in snowball fights, skipping school, and theft, all resulting in police involvement. Not only is Aunt Lisa is disappointed in Cheyenne, Santa and Mrs. Claus pay her a surprise visit in hopes to get her on track. It works.

Cheyenne isn't the only cause of her aunt's grief. Lisa's learns the true identity of the man of her dreams, Jack, is the man responsible for the town's lack of money, and abundance of sadness. He is the town Scrooge.

With time running short and determined to accomplish what she's been sent to do, Cheyenne recruits the one person she knows who will be more than happy to help her, Jack. With less than one month to accomplish her assignment, Cheyenne and Jack come up with an elaborate plan to restore the spirit of Christmas. As always, trouble follows. Cheyenne recruits 20 students from her high school, including the mean girls, who all meet at the High School late at night in order to keep everything a secret. Jack joins them and offers to fund the entire event.

Then their worst nightmare. The police show up. Chaos erupts. Cheyenne and a friend get away, but Jack is thrown into jail. But fortunate for him, after explaining everything to her Aunt Lisa, they decide to turn the tables on Jack and finish what he and Cheyenne started.

The result; The Town of Dickens has a Magical Christmas celebration with twinkling lights, the aroma of hot cider filling the air, carolers singing heavenly tunes for miles as they stroll through downtown spreading cheer. And best of all Santa and Mrs. Claus surprise the town by a joyous visit.

On Jack's released from jail, he is brought in to the surprise of his life. Not only is he met by Lisa, but he and Cheyenne's plan has been fulfilled far more spectacular than he'd imagined. He presents the townspeople with large Christmas bonus', and assures everyone he's turned over a new leaf. Finally, Cheyenne is given the best gift she could imagine; she has restored the spirit of Christmas. And, of course, her powers are now restored.


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