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By Laurel Pardo

GENRE: Drama, Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: For a cemetery restorer spirits are part of the job, until the voices on the other end of the phone are those of his boys -­ dead 3 years and now asking for his help.


For cemetery restorer ELI TOLER spirits are part of the job. Always just out of sight, they make themselves known through whispers in his ear and tugs on his clothes. Until the phone rings and the voices on the other end are those of his deceased sons asking for his help. Their return coincides with his new job. Hired by MR. FENTON to restore a cemetery he just discovered on his property, Eli’s initial walk through brings him in contact with the spirits of 4 young boys. They need Eli’s assistance, but he’s clueless about what to do. Eli recruits LOUISE to help him research the cemetery. She hints at abilities Eli lost in his childhood as she pushes him to listen to the spirits. She also tries to talk him into reconnecting with his estranged mother, RENEE, whom Eli is unaware is a witch and therefore able to teach him how to navigate the spirit world. Eli gives in to the spirits’ pleas and is taken to a pine grove in 1775. There he witnesses EMMA, an unwed mother, make a deal with a witch to save her dying son. Unable to save the boy’s life, the witch binds the souls of mother and son together. Payment for the spell? The souls of six boys, or one adult. Eli realizes the four souls in Fenton Cemetery are partial payment, and Emma intends to use his boys to fill the debt. In order to break the spell Eli has to let go of his boys, or give the witch an adult soul. In the meantime, Renee tells JOSHUA that Eli’s “imaginary friends” have returned. Joshua sets things in motion to finish what he started so long ago. One way or another, he will add Eli’s powers to his own then tear open the barrier between worlds.


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