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By Barry Duffield

GENRE: Thriller

A vacation to the Northern Territory for a disillusioned half-caste Aboriginal lawyer and his beautiful European wife turns into a terrifying fight for survival when they become the target of a sadistic racist miner.


Gray Brennan is a successful Melbourne lawyer and a bit of an enigma, a half-caste Aboriginal legal professional in a predominantly white arena. His life and belief system are turned upside down when he wins a case against a group of Aboriginal land rights activists and soon after, during a heated argument, loses his European father to a fatal heart attack.

Gray’s European wife takes him to the Northern Territory on a much needed vacation to the lands of his mother to "discover himself". Gray ventures into the local miners’ watering hole to grab a quick beer while Robyn lies asleep in their hotel room and has a run in with a racist miner named Hopkins. Gray escapes mostly intact, except for a few bruises and a injured pride.

The next morning Robyn files a complaint with the local cops, before fueling up and heading bush in a hired four-wheel-drive vehicle. Scotty, one of Hopkins cronies witnesses Gray with this attractive white woman at the gas station and reports back to Hopkins. This, coupled with a recent visit from the cops, spurs Hopkins to follow Gray and Robyn into the bush to “Teach the uppity Abo a lesson”.

Unbeknown by any off them; Cyclone Tracey is heading their way with winds exceeding two-hundred and seventy kilometers per hour. What starts out as a sadistic game of cat and mouse quickly becomes a terrifying fight for survival as the violence of nature is starkly juxtaposed against the violence of man.


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