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By Ian Lynch

GENRE: Not selected
LOGLINE: After accidentally killing a beloved vigilante superhero, a smartass slacker takes over as defender of the city to cover his tracks, but soon finds himself being hunted by a psychotic crime lord.


In Riverock city, crime is kept in check by a group of superhero vigilantes, led by the beloved Red Dagger. They keep the city safe and happy. But Max Fischer isn’t happy. He has no direction in life. He has no hopes, no dreams, no passions. On the same day, he gets fired from his part-time waiting job, and dumped unceremoniously by his ambitious journalist girlfriend. They see him as lazy and apathetic, unable to do anything with his life. And they're not wrong. Max goes back to his best friend’s expensive apartment, where he’s living on the sofabed. That night, they get drunk to drown the sorrows. Due to a misunderstanding, masked vigilante Red Dagger breaks into the apartment looking for a criminal, and Max accidentally kills him in a drunken panic. Max and his friend dispose of the body and agree to keep it a secret. But the next morning, Max wakes up to find Red Dagger’s superhero friends standing over him. But Max proves it was an accident, via footage from the apartment's security cameras. The vigilantes offer to train Max, let him join the group as the new Red Dagger and try to redeem himself, rather than turning him in. Max reluctantly agrees. The other heroes begin training him to fight and bringing him out to stop crimes. Meanwhile, a powerful mob boss, known as Sharky, is growing more nervous by the day. Sharky was paying off Red Dagger in exchange for protection. But with Dagger dead, Sharky formulates a plan to find out who exactly is his replacement. He stages a bank heist, which Max and the other vigilantes try to break it up. During the fight, Max ends up bleeding. Gathering a sample of his blood, Sharky discovers that Max is the new Red Dagger. Sharky pays a visit to Max, offering him the same deal he had with the original Red Dagger, but Max refuses. Furious, Sharky decides he has to bring down the superhero group to protect himself. On a night of fighting crime, Max makes a mistake that puts the whole group in danger. Half the group wants to kick him out, while the other half defends him. Distraught, Max quits and vows to turn himself in to police the next morning for killing the original Red Dagger. Before he leaves, he makes a disc of the security footage that shows Sharky trying to make a deal with Max, and admitting to having that deal with Red Dagger. That same night, one of the heroes gets kidnapped by Sharky as bait to lure the other heroes into his headquarters for an ambush. While the other heroes are preparing for the rescue mission, they come across Max’s disc. After watching it, they realise that Max was more heroic than the original Red Dagger ever was. As Max enters the police station to turn himself in, he gets a call from the other heroes. The explain everything, and Max agrees to go on the rescue mission with them. The heroes manage to fight their way through Sharky’s headquarters. In a final showdown with Sharky, Max’s training pays off, and he’s able to defeat the evil mob boss and save the kidnapped hero. From then on, the others see Max as an indispensible member of his team.


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