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By David Koenen

GENRE: Independent

An old and depressed man suffering from chronic Deja Vu, and recurring nightmares of an epic agricultural apocalypse shares his secret with his psycho analyst, that he is in fact the young astronaut recently returned from the dangerous mission to the planet Epsilon. The analyst who is dealing with her own problems is seduced by the drama he discloses to her. They enlighten each other on the multi dimensions of time and memory, and he enlists her to help him stop the scheming NASA Commander who is attempting to profit hugely from the blundered mission by pedaling the volatile alien soil samples to Big Agriculture. She becomes convinced that the old man has real memory of a future event and she becomes immersed in the conspiracy which quickly has her framed as the lone suspect in an attempted double homicide.



This story is about Jake Nettlestien, who is old and depressed and trying to piece his life back together after an unexplainable fluke of physics has turned his life upside down. He claims that he is the young astronaut who has just returned from the space mission to Epsilon, a recently discovered small planet just beyond the outer fringes of our solar system. What? You do not remember the spectacular liftoff? Well, it figures as much; it seems everyone has forgotten about him and his unprecedented, manned space mission. But also, over the course of the six-month voyage, somehow, in contradiction of the theories of relativity, he has also aged about forty years as well. His loved ones have written him off “long ago,” leaving him destitute, fragile and in the hands of his reluctant advocate, the scheming Commander Hatton, who is planning to exploit the mission’s new anonymity to profit from its rare cargo of soil samples brought back from the dormant planet. Meanwhile Jake suffers from chronic Deja vu and recurring nightmares which seem to be warning him of an ominous future event and he attempts to enlist the help of his psychotherapist, Dr Kira Foster.

But that is of course, if she would believe Jakes Story…

This story is about middle-aged psychotherapist Kira Foster, who had never lived up to the expectations in her career after a promising stint as a researcher of Deja Vu at the University of Leeds, where fifteen years ago she was the first to propose the currently accepted explanation of the phenomenon. She has since, seen her career diminish and finds herself at the small-town clinic in Walsenburg, Colorado treating the psychoses of its depressed population. Still getting over a past relationship with the young environmentalist Michael Hyde, who left her a year ago to pursue his career in the private sector in Denver, she now faces questions of mortality when she hears that her mother has cancer. At the precise moment when her life seems empty and meaningless, she meets Jake, a new patient with challenging and intriguing problems. Her understanding of memory, dreams and coincidence undergo a transformation until eventually she becomes convinced that his dreams of an Evil Genie and his episodes of Deja vu might be triggered by memories of future events. Just when she discovers Comm. Hatton’s’ secret dealings with Big Agriculture, she finds herself fully immersed in the conspiracy and is framed as the lone suspect in the attempted double murders of Jake and her ex-fiancé Michael. The Sheriff has had her institutionalized, pending her upcoming trial, but her only promise of vindication is with Jake who lies at the area hospital in a coma, clinging to life.

But that is of course, if you would believe her story.

This is a tale about isolation, depression, memory, dreams, Déjà vu, and coincidence. It is a tale that plays upon our desire to want to believe in the extra-ordinary as a basis for the phenomena of intuition and gut feelings; it proposes the prospect that memory is a tangible connection between one human being and another and tests the lengths people will go cultivate a memory and keep it alive.

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