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By Morgan Leo Shnell

GENRE: Drama, Historical, War

A story of four Iranian air force pilots condemned to death under the revolution and spared by the out-break of war with Iraq; their mission to defend the Kharg Island oil terminal from destruction.


Freed by the intervention of the Persian Cat, Lion Cub flies his first combat mission against a formation of Iraqi Migs attempting to bomb the island. In the heat of battle he is killed when his F-14 is hit by surface to air missile fired by the Iranian army. Defiant One defies the Komiteh by remaining loyal to Persia and her people. He engages a lone Iraqi Mig in a one on one dogfight and in victory discovers his opponent is a Russian mercenary. Upon returning to base he’s arrested and taken back to prison. In an un-armed F-4 Phantom Major Bahram Ikani flies a dangerous reconnaissance mission over Baghdad. Damaged by enemy missiles and losing fuel his only hope of rescue comes from a Boeing 707 tanker flying into enemy airspace to refuel him. Meanwhile in America a U.S. Navy pilot learns from the CIA that the Iranian air force has learned to repair and upgrade their fighter jets especially their F-14 Tomcats. Finally after eight years of war Persian Cat disobeys his orders to protect the island to intercept an Iraqi bomber formation targeting civilians. Alone and against the odds he shoots down several Iraqi Migs and chases the remaining few out of Iranian airspace to the border, shooting the last Mig down over the Tigres River. As flies home he meets up with the Boeing 707 tanker to refuel and reunited in mid-air with his brother who salutes him.


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