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By Morgan Leo Shnell

GENRE: Drama, Thriller, War

November 1983, under the guise of a domestic terrorist attack Michael Stanley and KGB special operations unit will assassinate President Regan to avert a preemptive strike based on intelligence from traitor Dale Trumbo. Intelligence that is false and now Phillip and Elisabeth race against time to prevent a real nuclear war.


A secret intelligence mission in East Germany leads to the identification of a dead KGB spetesnaz soldier by FBI agent Beeman. His investigation uncovers the landing zone and abandoned vehicles with suspicious scrape marks that could only have been made by surface to air missiles. He concludes from the evidence their intention is to shoot down Air Force One. The assassins move into position outside the perimeter of Andrews AFB. Wanting notoriety; Trumbo asks Michael for the chance to personally fire one of the missiles and is granted. Meanwhile Phillip and Elisabeth track down and eventually locate them. On his own, Phillip allows himself to be captured and taken before Michael just as Air Force One takes off. They argue as time runs out with Phillip demanding to prove Trumbo’s intel is knowingly false to Michael until he reveals he has the original documents. Just then Air Force One flies directly over and Trumbo pulls the trigger on his missile. But the missile is disabled and to his horror Trumbo has fallen into an elaborate trap set up by Michael. He shoots Trumbo and takes him prisoner then confirms Phillip’s suspicion. Michael knew all along there was no plan for a nuclear attack it was just a figment of the Soviet premier’s paranoid imagination. Phillip rejoins Elisabeth now seriously on the path to disillusionment and maybe defection. Back in the Soviet Union Trumbo is imprisoned in the gulag for crimes against the Soviet people. The cause he sacrificed everything for and betray his country has turned against him. In their final meeting Michael realizes Trumbo intentionally falsified his intelligence in order to destroy the American system and bring about the socialist utopia he and his father have fought for. But as Michael points out to him the cause he believed in has produced nothing but oppression, fear and terror even to its own followers now known as the invisible dead. In a final twist a prison photo of Trumbo is mailed to agent Beeman’s home and shares a secret with his son.


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