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By Morgan Leo Shnell

GENRE: Action, Film-noir

In 1979 David Belfield murdered the woman he loved. Thirty years later, as Daoud Salahuddin her husband arose from hell to avenge her.


In disguise Daoud and his twelve man insurgent team kidnap American civilian Lover Not a Fighter then escape to Safe House 1 into the town nearby. As Daoud rests at Safe House 2 he has a dream from his past of the Persian Girl dancing in a bar as he spies upon her with lust and in the arms of the man he’s just kidnapped. Terrified he races back to Safe House 1 and is overpowered then kidnapped by Lover who takes him to the Great Satan. In the car Daoud overhears Lover’s phone conversation with the Great Satan asking for his soul too keep before abruptly hanging up. With a concealed knife he frees himself and kills Lover causing the car to crash next to the cemetery. As he escapes into the cemetery he’s ambushed by the masked Great Satan and a fire fight ensues. As the fire fight climaxes Daoud gets the drop on Great Satan but vanishes by transforming into a black cat, a subtle power he uses time and again to escape. After losing his entire team Daoud seeks sanctuary in Sadr City meeting his contact Ismalal Ascari who’s come to get him out the country. As he debriefs him it’s explained that the Great Satan could be an ancient shape shifting spirit known as a Jinn but dismissed as superstition. The Great Satan attacks the hide out forcing Daoud to hide in a nearby mosque. Here he’s confronted by the unmasked and un-aged Great Satan recognizing him from thirty years ago when he first laid eyes on the Persian Girl. He’s to bluff his way out but finally admits the truth, “I wanted her.” They fight hand to hand over a gun until Daoud gets a hold of it and aims it point blank at Great Satan’s head. Just as he is about to pull the trigger Great Satan snatches the gun out of his hand and shoots him dead. Seconds later the Iraqi Special Forces arrive to find Daoud dead on the floor and a black cat.


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