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By Samuel Rodriguez

GENRE: Musical, Comedy
LOGLINE: Two amateur and overconfident best friends face the challenges and realities of the harsh musical world.


The pilot starts off with Sam and Lindsey driving to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of stardom. Lindsey is excited about this opportunity to make their mark in the world. Sam feels nervous about them being out on their own for the first time. Lindsey assures him that she knows how to take care of him as they have been best friends for fifteen years. She reminds him that everything is going to be okay which Sam accepts. When they get to their new apartment, Sam can't believe that Lindsey's dad paid their rent for an entire year. Sam then states they got a year before the two end up broke and homeless. Lindsey is SO certain of their abilities that they will get noticed in no time. The next day arrives and Lindsey soon realizes that breaking into the music business isn't so easy after all. After three attempts of going from label to label, Sam begins to pester Lindsey about her failing. She then challenges him to do better so she drops the tape on his lap which Sam nervously accepts because of his somewhat shy personality towards new people Their next stop is Razzle Dazzle records, Lindsey hangs back while Sam does the soliciting this time. He then meets a very friendly and bubbly receptionist named Misty. Sam tries his best to sell the tape but unfortunately, they can't accept material from newcomers. the receptionist offers a proposal of them meeting one day so she can get to know them better and maybe pass their material to her higher ups. Sam accepts her offer and the duo continues their journey. After a long day of labeling and Sam's pathetic attempt of faking cancer at one label which Lindsey mocks. They decide to try a couple more labels and call it a day but something catches Sam's eye and he smiles evilly, he then tells Lindsey it's time for a drink and they go into a karaoke bar. Lindsey asks why they are there and he claims for a drink. His intentions are revealed when the bartender calls for volunteers to sing karaoke as he eagerly points to Lindsey. She makes her way up while glaring at Sam and a familiar song soon plays. It is her dad's song that he wrote for her fifteen years ago while he was a famous songwriter. The song symbolizes the bonds between father and daughter. Misty shows up and touches Sam on the shoulder. She comments to him that Lindsey sings beautifully. Sam explains to her that this song means so much to Lindsey because her mom died in childbirth and her dad raised her by himself Lindsey finishes singing and makes her way back to Sam which she threatens him if he did that again, he's going up there and to sing with her. Misty then offers Lindsey a job as a demo singer, until the manager returns from vacation and listens to their demo tape. Sam is confused on what Misty said earlier about passing material from strangers. Misty responds by sitting down and saying "Let's get to know each other, shall we". The pilot ends with them talking the night away and Sam gives a voice over in his head that the story is only just beginning.


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