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By Shahid Muhammed

GENRE: Action, Drama

ANGELS NIGHT an action/romance/drama: Detroit's Angels Night an annual event designed to curb inner-city arson the night before Halloween, takes an odd turn when a fire fighter crosses the line in pursuit of a suspect to his brother's attempted murder. (Winner of a royal reel at the 2014 Canada International Film Festival.)


ANGELS NIGHT, is a winner of a Royal Reel at the 2014 Canada International Film Festival. What the Blue Cat thought about ANGELS NIGHT. "It had a number of sincere and dynamic characters and a plot with plenty of intrigue and suspense. It fulfilled a number of genre expectations and ultimately proved to be a thoroughly entertaining script. The script is structurally strong. The story begins with quite a bang. The script is watertight in terms of plot composition. The script is also certainly visual in execution. The descriptions are rich and verdant and the audience can't help but to feel completely immersed in this narrative. The plot is quite cinematic. There's a high degree of potential production value present here. The dialogue was strong as well. All in all, it's authentic sounding and comes off well researched. Ajani is a great character study. I think he's a charming and resourceful protagonist that endears himself to the audience well. He also undergoes the most maturity and growth throughout the course of the script. He's practically a changed character by the script's end which is imperative in successful character development. I think the audience should have no problem emotionally investing in him."� AJANI 30's, is a stressed Detroit firefighter divorced with children. He reaches his limit when discovering the body of his brother in a burning Detroit home. He crosses the line when his cop style behavior lands him into the criminal justice system. Sentenced to anger management Ajani meets MOORICE 50's, who guides him to better self-discipline. AJANI is reunited with a high school sweetheart BILQIS while on a flotilla. BILQIS throws him into the Detroit river for sweet talking a common female friend. AJANI swims into Canada and is detained by officials. BILQIS 30's, has her own skeleton in the closet, and upon discovery AJANI's anger nearly gets the better of him. AJANI'S obstacles grow as does his resolve to manage them, and overcome them. His obstacles come to a climax in Chicago where he is faced with his life saving instincts. AJANI's former wife FAITH 30's is in need of saving from a burning apartment building. Will AJANI leave his current wife BILQIS who is pregnant and having labor pains in the car to save his former wife FAITH who is the mother of his 9 year old daughter PARIS. AJANI's plan for Detroit youth to be placed in night school shows promise as city officials implement it on ANGELS NIGHT, but will AJANI LOUIS live to see it. How will Chicago youth respond to the circumstances affecting AJANI. How will AJANI respond to the Chicago youth? ANGELS NIGHT is inspired by letters written to Tupac Shakur upon his request that they be sent to Interscope records in Los Angeles, CA. Tupac Shakur at the time was incarcerated in New York's Clinton Corrections. Upon his release from prison, he would dedicate his album "All Eyez on Me" to those fans who wrote and supported him while in prison. Dr. George Popovich has expressed interest in directing this project.

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