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By Todd Sorrell

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Thriller

A mad scientist kidnaps five brilliant thinkers, and then has to contend with their five hell-bent, young adult children.


Within the span of one day, five prominent scientists from around the world are all kidnapped. The one man that ties them all together: Frederik Rosencrans, a genius physicist whose racist views alienated him from the Nobel community. Bitterness and brilliance compelled this man to research the science of brain waves in humans and animals, and for the most part his work and motives remained unknown. Enter the five young adult children of the missing scientists: Isabella Duarte, Porter Templeton, Trask DuPont, Jun Ri, and Pilou Picard. These determined individuals make it their mission, at first separately, then collectively, to find out just what Rosencrans' twisted intentions are; no small feat for a combustible blend of strong personalities. Each youth brings to the table their own unique talents. Isabella, the most emotional of the bunch, has nerves of steel when it comes to finding her father. Couple that with expertise in capoeira and you have a formidable foe in the guise of a beautiful girl. Trask Dupont, law student and half Sioux Indian, cherishes all things native. Carrying with him a knowledge of Indian languages, culture and fighting skills, this young man is as brave as they come. Porter Templeton, a Linguistics and Theatre double major from Cambridge, mesmerizes the ladies with his good looks and charm. His acting and language skills come in handy as the fivesome trot across the globe in pursuit of their parents. Pilou Picard, a true computer geek, brandishes all manner of techno gadgetry, confounding everyone with his ingenuity. Stoic medical student Jun Ri packs a martial arts punch behind her knowledge of physiology. As the teammates travel from their native countries to Denmark, Iceland, and finally Greenland, they discover that Rosencrans intends to graft abilities from select animals into human DNA, beginning with himself, in the effort to make a superhuman. And then Armageddon. With Trask's father Peter DuPont's access to computer systems worldwide, he intends to transmit a killing frequency that will wipe out every human not grafted with his genetic abilities with the sole purpose of repopulating the earth on his terms, as the new "Adam" of the superspecies. Before they reach Rosencrans' Greenland compound, they also discover that Pilou has kept a secret from the team: he used a part of Rosencrans' grafting technology on them, downloading the encoded brain frequencies of an animal into each of them, endowing them with new, strange abilities, with the hopes that Rosencrans' own work can be used against him. As they draw nearer to a rescue of their loved ones, every team member employs their very best in the climactic battle on the Arctic tundra.


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