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By Mark LaFever

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: In this half-hour sitcom, a socially awkward librarian moves from Canada to New York City to care for her sharp-tongued, aristocratic aunt. When a co-worker persuades her she’s being bullied by her aunt, she agrees to take Assertiveness Training classes – from a temperamental retired tennis champ. 


Socially awkward librarian Penny Somerset, 40-ish, moves from a small Ontario town to New York City to care for her sharp-tongued aunt, the widowed Lydia Radziwill, a “black sheep” who decades ago defied her family to marry into Upper East Side aristocracy. Penny’s new co-worker – sarcastic, raunchy but sweet-natured Karen Soo – decides Aunt Lydia is bullying Penny, and convinces the shy, over-apologetic Canadian to take classes from celebrity Assertiveness Training coach Gina Marchetti. But when Gina realizes just how difficult it is to get Penny to assert herself, she decides to pass the challenge onto John “Johnny Mac” McElroy – a fellow Assertiveness trainer who’s also a retired tennis champ with a horrible temper, and (not coincidentally) Gina’s ex. (NOTE: The role of McElroy is intended to be either played by, or a recognizable twist on, notorious tennis “brat” John McEnroe.)

Tsara Shelton

Okay, after reading this synopsis... I totally want the role of Penny Somerset!!!! 40 Love sounds like a fun film with so much delicious food for thought, Mark! I hope it finds a home on screen!

Mark LaFever

Can you do a Canadian accent and apologize too much (except when you hit somebody in hockey)? ;D Seriously...thanks for the kind words & glad you liked! We shall see what happens next...

Tsara Shelton

I apologize that I was so forward as to ask for a role in your film, and I'm sorry for bothering you again, but I just wanted to let you know that I am a Canadian who apologizes too much. So sorry... carry on with your day. Giggle! TRUTH: I actually am a Canadian who apologizes too much and have spent years working on it. I still do it, the apologizing too much thing, but no longer to a comical or annoying degree. At least, I hope that's true! I guess that's why I sorta identified with Penny.

Mark LaFever

No worries :D I actually have a very American buddy who does the over-apologizing thing too, and it's frequently very endearing...and trust me, it's never a bother when anybody's taken time to read something I've written and give positive feedback - so thank you and much appreciated. To tell the truth, I don't think anybody should feel like they have to get rid of whatever distinguishes them - I know Southerners who feel like they need to get rid of their accents (???)...anyway, please carry on being forward (and apologizing for it later if you like). And thanks again!

Brandi Self

I love the culture shock of this one. Where are you at as far as production?

Mark LaFever

Thanks Brandi - I am absolutely nowhere as far as production...I literally had the idea for this less than a week ago. I am open to any and all advice in terms of walking this closer to making something real happen with it, production-wise. Glad you liked!

Helena Ellison

Omg Mark, please tell me you didn't actually come up with the idea, fleshed it out AND wrote the script in a week? I'd be floored with envy :O

Mark LaFever

Hey Helena - nope, I haven't even begun writing the script yet. I don't even know if I'd really call this "fleshed out" either - but if it works for you, I will definitely take that as a compliment! :)

Iris Ebia

sound humorous

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