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By Mark LaFever

GENRE: Historical, Thriller
LOGLINE: Late November, 1963.  With the world still in shock after President Kennedy’s assassination, the KGB is in a panic.  Could one of their assets have had something to do with the fatal shots fired in Dallas?  Moscow Centre assigns its best undercover U.S. operative to find out – and to cover any incriminating tracks – before Washington hardliners can fix blame on the Soviets.


In the aftermath of the JFK assassination, the KGB assign their best undercover U.S. operative – known only by his American alias, Hank “Tex” Guthrie – to determine whether any Soviet assets can be linked to the murder of the president in Dallas, and if so, to destroy any evidence of such links. To accomplish his mission, “Comrade Tex” follows a trail of clues on presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, and his killer, Dallas strip club owner Jack Ruby, that leads from Texas to New Orleans, from New Orleans to Chicago, and from Chicago to a near-dozen points on the map, dotting both hemispheres of the globe. All the while, to stay safely clear of U.S. authorities, rival American political machines, and the mafia, Guthrie’s forced to rely on assistance from a network of Cuban agents – the loyalty of whose controller, the mysterious, haughty and beautiful Lola, may be up for sale. Ultimately, the truth Guthrie finally discovers will present him with a terrifying choice – between betraying his native Soviet Union, and risking nuclear Armageddon.

Eric Alagan

Love this storyline, Mark. I look forward to reading the script if/when available. BTW, thank you for joining my network. Cheers, Eric

Mark LaFever

Thanks Eric! Glad you liked. I'm hoping to flesh this out in the next few weeks/months, time permitting.

Iris Ebia me thinkin...

Mazin Zimakowski

Lovely and very originl plot, to see the story of JFK from the russian point of view and to actually their spy as a protagonist. Cool!

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