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By Mark LaFever

GENRE: Thriller
LOGLINE: A down-on-his luck comic book creator and a fangirl with a talent for artistic mimicry come up with a scam to convince comics fandom that Jeff Krantz, an eccentric artist long thought to have disappeared, has returned to penciling.  But when the new Krantz-style artwork goes public, the two scammers are suddenly threatened by a mysterious figure – who fears his decades-old crime has been discovered.


When comic book artist Andy Brookhiser injures his drawing hand in a stupid accident, the wheels of his career start falling off. At first, his editor at Moonlight Comics offers him a writer’s job – but Andy can’t write, so instead, he becomes a “Roving Promotional Representative”, hyping Moonlight product at comic conventions or “cons”, in one city after another. At one such con, Andy encounters Indigo Dokes – a goth chick fangirl and wanna-be comic book artist. With dozens of rejections to her name, Indigo keeps getting told her style is too derivative. Of course, it is derivative – because she has the rare ability to mimic precisely, even forge, the drawing style of almost any artist. When an incident at another con gets Andy fired, the idea for a scam occurs to him. Thirty years ago, eccentric Silver Age comics artist Jeff Krantz vanished – seemingly into thin air. Approached by Andy to mimic Krantz’ art – and fake out fandom by creating the illusion of Jeff Krantz’ long-awaited return to penciling – Indigo accepts. But her “new” Krantz artwork – complete with subtly included “Easter eggs”, by means of which Krantz was known to conduct beefs and feuds with other comics artists – attracts the attention of a mysterious figure...who fears his decades-old murder of Krantz has been discovered. Now in order to survive – and keep drawing paychecks – Andy and Indigo must solve the mystery of Jeff Krantz’ murder and bring the killer to justice.

Shankar Pandalai

Very Intriguing and Interesting.....

Mark LaFever

Thanks Shankar! Glad you liked. Worked on a script for this yesterday and today.

Marugia Sasso

Fascinating plot!

Mark LaFever

Thanks Marugia!

Iris Ebia

mysterious indeed!

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