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By Bryan Clark

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: This is a partial script I am working on. If anyone wants to help me write more feel free and email me on here.


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Keverne Eason Mapp

Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas has already been written.........maybe you should read it,better still check the film out!

Ahmed Ndao

I love to collaborate for script writing. Have such experince with different people from different culture (French, English, African, American even now). Can I know more about it. I will send more info on my work and me! Ahmed

Bryan Clark
@Keverne Eason Mapp

I've seen the film and it's a good movie. Once you cross a boundary in comparison to other films you are not open to the unique experiences and understanding that they are not the same. Hunter S. Thompson's drug indused perception of Vegas and the events that transpired are his own. I'm writing a love story based on certain things that have happened in my life and weaving fiction with my own sense of humor.

LeDawna Akins
@Ahmed Ndao

Hi Ahmed! Which African language do you speak? Do you know any translation websites for those languages? Similar to the altavista one(now yahoo I think) For my parallel Work-At-"Home Business(since my other is F/T Actress/Vocalist) Gracias/Thanks/Obrigada!)

Ahmed Ndao
@Ahmed Ndao

Hi, I'm speaking Wolof, the language spoken mainly in Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania and also Mali in certain level. Google has now a special page translation for some African languages. I did a lot of translation recently for a translation company from Microsoft order. I can get them in touch, but they ask for money, lot of money for translation, But if you need any thing from here, please don't hesitate to ask.I'm fluent in French, English, wolof, very good understanding in Spanish and some local ethnic African language.Please you can get in touch in box for more. Until then, all the best. Ahmed

Keith F. Broad

Here are my thoughts: First, I suggest you look into getting screenwriting software, or Google how to set up your word-processor for a screenplay format. I found the swearing too much, too soon, and sometimes unnecessary... by too soon I mean I found myself turned me off of the character even before I was given the chance to get to know him. Look at your dialogue... most people use contractions when they speak, ie isn't rather than is not, can't rather than can not, wouldn't rather than would not, etc, etc. Dialogue that doesn't use contractions often sounds stilted and formal which can be in conflict with the character and the context. Also, punctuation, punctuation, punctuation. 'nuff said. Thanks for sharing

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

All the best on your script. "Comedy" is a broad genre. I suggest maybe listing your Desert Island movies, so other people can see what you find funny (and if the collaboration would be mutually beneficial).

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