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By David R. Beshears

GENRE: Fantasy

In the age of the Demon Lord, goblins and fairies, a family must face the arrival of the Darkness to their idyllic valley, home of Waterfall of the Fairies. Little Sarah may be their only hope.


Daniel and Hanna wed and moved to a small valley three days walk from the village. They built a three room house on the northern hillside and made this their home. From the doorstep, they could watch the seasons change; the summers were never too hot or too dry, the winters never too harsh. In the spring, the grasses and the trees were all shades of green, the flowers yellow and white and blue. The autumn saw the trees turn orange and brown and red. The man and his wife were happy.

Late one autumn they had a daughter. Sarah was sweet and happy and a part of the valley, more so with each passing season. She spent her days in the forests and meadows of the valley, and on a rocky ledge near the Waterfall of the Fairies. The soft falls would dance and sparkle with life, occasionally reaching out to caress the cheeks of the little girl.

Far from the valley was the Great Hall of Galmack, the Demon Lord. He despised the light with all his being, longed for the warmth of the dark. Such a world had been his before and he would have it again.

He brought forth the Darkness, the seeds planted first in a distant valley and from which it would spread across all the land.

With the Darkness came gray skies and clouds near black. With the Darkness came the swamps and the muddy bogs. With the Darkness, the grasses withered and wildflowers died, the woods turned barren, the brooks swelled and muddied.

With the Darkness came Galmack’s goblins to take the fairies and leave the waterfall dull and lifeless.

The only hope for the fairies and the light was Sarah, a ten year old girl who was one with the valley.

Production Notes
Length: 18 pages
Three main characters human characters
Several secondary characters (demon lord, goblins, three cursed creatures)
Two interior locations: main room of family's house, Galmack's audience chamber
Four exterior locations: outside house, forest trail, creek bank, waterfall of the fairies
SFX - glowing orbs of the fairies in the waterfall, sparkling tears in the mist
CGI / Special makeup: Galmack the demon lord, goblins, cursed creatures


Adapted from a short story by David R. Beshears.

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