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Brandi Alyssa Young

Actor in New York City, New York

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Brandi's Bio

I have come a long way from my birthplace of Ft Myers, Fl. I was raised in South Carolina by my parents Bruce and Sally, both of whom are in the medical profession, I am an only child who has taken dance for 12 years and has had a love of performing since I was a toddler. I saw a local beauty pageant and exclaimed I wanted to do that. I did, and won prettiest hair, eyes, and Miss Photogenic. I soon realized I wanted to do more and found my true passion at a school play in which I played a pesky horsefly. I have done local community plays and musicals and won various awards for dance, singing, and acting. I've been to NYC and LA several times and love it in both locations.

I have trained at Lee Strasburg in NYC for a summer program and have a determination and strength to achieve my visions for my career in film. To do this I was allowed to be home-schooled and have plans and goals that align with my ideals and passions. I graduated high-school 2 years early, in 2013, at the age of 15!

I am continuing to grow as a singer, dancer, and actress, and look forward to an eventual move to Los Angeles to continue my pursuit of my true passion, acting. I currently reside in Pennsylvania and am a short ride away from the Big Apple, which I go to several times a week for classes.

I've also trained in American Karate, in which I recently gained mt first degree black belt. I am also an accomplished screenwriter. My second short film script, "Tiger Lili", a dramatic coming-of-age story of a young girl dealing with domestic violence, made it into the Beverly Hills Film Festival, as well as many others. I also helped to write the short films, "Two Rounds" and, "No Brainer", in which I also starred. I, as well, penned, "The Silver Key", which was my first lead role, as well as screenplay. I've also just completed my first feature film script and am in the lengthy process of editing.

I've also garnered Three Young Artist Award nominations. My first in 2012 for Best Young Actress - Short Film for my realistic portrayal of the autistic pre-teen, Jenny Hastert in "Broken Pieces." My second in 2013 for Best Web Performance - Young Actress for the portrayal of the confused teenaged witch battling forces of evil, Michelle Smith in The Dark One (Season 1&2).

Some of the charities I support are for animals, Scoliosis, Environmental agencies, Autism and to feed the poor. I think of myself as somewhat of a tree hugger and eccentric. Some of my peeps think I am weird and that's OK. I am happy with me and that is what matters!

That's the beauty of being an actress! I can be whomever and do whatever I want and be someone or something I am not. It's WONDERFUL!! I LOVE IT! See you on set!

Brandi's Credits

Ghost & Angel (2011)
Ghost (Lead)
Jordan Ellis with The AI of Charlotte

Matt's Decision (2011)
Martina (Lead)
Linda Warden with LCW Productions

Broken Pieces (48HFP, Greensboro, NC) (2011)
Jenny Hastert (Lead)
Denver Crazies Team: Steve Gibson/Chris Medico

The Silver key (2010)
Jane Lucy Roseford (Lead)
David W. Richardson: Silver Key Productions/Chapel Grove Films

True Luv (2010)
Sloppy Suzie (Supporting)
Sorry Tale Productions

Meet The Cleaver's (2010)
Emma (Supporting)
Over Kill Productions

Super Hero (2010)
Amanda (Principal)
Winston-Salen State Universcity

Junk (2010)
Junk yard Kid #3 (Principal)

Brandi's Awards

Best Acting & Best Film for Broken Pieces 48HFP Winner (2011)

Child Actor Recognition Event Award (2011)

First and Overall Best Child Vocal (2008)

Second Place Best child Acting (2008)

Third Best Child Dance (2008)

Best Child Actor (2007)

Brandi's Résumé / CV

Brandi Alyssa Young

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