Brandi Alyssa Young

Brandi Alyssa Young

Actor in New York City, New York

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Brandi's Bio

Brandi has come a long way from her birthplace of Ft Myers, Fl. Raised

in South Carolina by her parents Bruce and Sally, both of whom are in

the medical profession. She now resides in the Tri-state region, very close to NYC, where she continues her training and filming.

She is a classically trained singer with a range of approximately: LowG-G2 Mezo-Soprano, Dances Ballet, Point, Jazz x13 years. She is also trained in American Karate, in which she has gained her first degree black belt.

Brandi is an accomplished screenwriter. Her second short film

script, "Tiger Lili", a dramatic coming-of-age story of a young girl

dealing with domestic violence, made it into the Beverly Hills Film

Festival, as well as many others. She also penned several short films, as well as a feature, she would one day like to produce.

Brandi looks forward to her career continuing to blossom in NYC.

Brandi's Credits

Coming Out (2015)
Gina Wells
Armature Productions

SCORPION:Vice City Shakedown (2015)
Roger Paris Productions

What Had Happened Was... (2015)
Team Overkill Productions

Delilah (2013)
Team Overkill Productions

No Brainer (2013)
Team Overkill Productions

The Dark One (2013)
Michelle Smith
13th Fl EFX Productions

Two Rounds (2012)
13th Fl EFX Productions

Broken Pieces (48HFP, Greensboro, NC) (2011)
Jenny Hastert (Lead)
Denver Crazies Team: Steve Gibson/Chris Medico

Ghost & Angel (2011)
Ghost (Lead)
Jordan Ellis with The AI of Charlotte

The Silver key (2010)
Jane Lucy Roseford (Lead)
David W. Richardson: Silver Key Productions/Chapel Grove Films

Brandi's Awards

Best Acting & Best Film for Broken Pieces 48HFP Winner (2011)

Child Actor Recognition Event Award (2011)

First and Overall Best Child Vocal (2008)

Second Place Best child Acting (2008)

Third Best Child Dance (2008)

Best Child Actor (2007)

Brandi's Résumé / CV

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Brandi Alyssa Young

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