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Emerson Pinheiro

Emerson Pinheiro

Atalaia Films
Director, Actor, Cinematographer, Line Producer and Screenwriter

London, England

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January 2012
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About Emerson

Based in London - Made in Brazil
Director at Atalaia Films -

EMERSON PINHEIRO started drama school at the age of 10.

On 2004 he moved to London England and in early 2007 Emerson was involved in a game show called 'Strangers' produced by BBC Manchester and at the same year he been involved too in intensive acting course in Central London.

From 2008, Emerson decided to study Cinema and he start to write his own projects. His 1st script was a supernatural film "Spiritual Contact the Movie", a movie based on his own paranormal experiences that happened to him at age of 11. Emerson's words "13 months was the time that the script took to write. Remembering all those paranormal events that were part of my life was a fantastic experience. Details that only acquired depth after writing. Two entirely different worlds (physical and spiritual) that met had the overwhelming power of completely changing my life. Believe it or not, the Spiritual World is real."

2011 he founded Atalaia Films, also in the same year he start to work in the film industry in front and behind the camera.

Today he is working on his 2nd Feature Film called "Uncovering the Illusion".


  • Breaking the Circle

    Breaking the Circle (2016 - 2017)
    Film (short) by Atalaia Films Director Storyline: A homeless man reflects on his life when a stranger stops to chat with him in the street. Genre: Drama Locations: London England Language: English Video: Full HD 1080i Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1 Camera: Canon 600d This movie is based on true facts. Starring: Robert Sean-Riaz as Victor Lukas as "Young " Victor Stella Garimberti as Scarlet "Prostitute' Traci Manning as Lucy "Mother" Dave Moyle as Christopher "A guy who interview the homeless" Aftab Sarker as Jonathan "Drug dealer" Eirini Mo as Jane Natasha Rose Mills as Victoria.

  • FLEE UNTO THE MOUNTAINS | Apocalyptic Short Film

    FLEE UNTO THE MOUNTAINS | Apocalyptic Short Film (2012 - 2015)
    Film (short) by ATALAIAFILMS (Sci-Fi) Writer / Director / Produtor Thousands of people around the world receive messages in their minds about future events. Clinton was alerted to escape to a high mountain and he saw a natural disaster that destroyed London City. A Film by Emerson Pinheiro, based on a dream. Milhares de pessoas pelo mundo a fora recebem mensagens em suas mentes sobre acontecimentos futuros. Clinton foi alertado e após fugir para um monte ele pode ver um desastre natural que destruiu a cidade de Londres. Um Filme por Emerson Pinheiro, baseado em um sonho que o mesmo teve. Genero: Drama Estrelando: Julio Ramos Dirigido por: Emerson Pinheiro. Fotografia: Emerson Pinheiro / Dave Moyle Trilha Sonora: Paul Sumares Runner: Marta Gaworek-Michalczenia Todos os direitos reservados a ATALAIA FILMS

  • Unlighted - Feature Film

    Unlighted - Feature Film (2015)
    Film (short) by Walterlan (Thriller) Cinematographer


    Film by ATALAIA FILMS (Thriller) WRITER / DIRECTOR / PRODUCER THE STORY: Jeremiah, an 11 year old teenager lived a very normal life together with his family in the city of London, England. One day coming back from school, he heard his mother (Helena) crying in the bathroom. Worried about the situation, the little boy asked what was happening and his mother explained that her best friend Kelly had been mocking her. This created hatred in his heart and once alone in his room, he unleashed all his fury on a doll, wishing it to be his mother's friend. On the other side, Kelly received all the negativity sent by Jeremiah and ended up fainting and being taken to hospital. After hearing his mother speaking about the incident that had happened to Kelly, Jeremiah regretted what he had done and immediately threw the doll away. Unaware to Jeremiah, this created a big a problem for himself as the demon started up a plan to use him to destroy people's lives. The furious demon starts to show up to Jeremiah in the form of a shadow and it left him in a state of shock and confusion. This is where his journey on the pursuit for clarification on what he was experiencing starts, to discover the reason for that encounter, and how to fight it. A feature film based on real facts, which came to pass in the life of the Filmmaker Emerson Pinheiro. Emerson's words: 13 months was the time that the script took to write. Remembering all those paranormal events that were part of my life was a fantastic experience. Details that only acquired depth after writing. Two entirely different worlds (physical and spiritual) that met had the overwhelming power of completely changing my life. Believe it or not, the Spiritual World is real. SYNOPSIS: Since the age of 11, Jeremiah has had an unknown gift. An 11th birthday present that he was unaware of, Jeremiah could see through to a parallel world which, to many, only exists in book and stories. The ability to see the paranormal world is what sets Jeremiah apart from those around him. So he begins his journey continually seeking spiritual help as a weapon to fight the battle against evil. Drama / Thriller / Paranormal Year / Ano: 2014 Director / Producer: Emerson Pinheiro Script / Roteiro: Emerson Pinheiro / Dave Moyle / Neville Crabe Sound Track / Trilha Sonora: Andy Stuteley Country / Pais: England / Inglaterra Running time / Metragem: 66 minutes All Rights Reserved to Atalaia Films / /


    APRIL (2012 - 2014)
    Film (short) by ATALAIA FILMS (Drama) WRITER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR Running Time: 17 minutes Country: England Release Date: 25/12/2014 Fps: 24 Audio: 5.1 Video: 16x9 / 1080p FullHd April (Charlotte Roi), is a young girl who is excited about her engagement with Daniel (Lamin Tamba), their planned wedding quickly turned into heartbreak and deep depression after she found out that she is HIV Positive. Her fears of losing Daniel as well as the social stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS sufferers, made her extremely worried. April ( Charlotte Roi ), é uma jovem que está muito feliz com o noivado com Daniel ( Lamin Tamba ). Seu casamento planejado rapidamente se transforma em desgosto e profunda depressão depois que ela descobriu que é HIV-positivo . O medo de perder Daniel e a discriminação social a faz extremamente preocupada. STARRING: Charlotte Roi, Lamin Tamba Written, Directed and Produced by Emerson Pinheiro Original Sound Track by Patrick Fargan Trailer Sound Track Contribution by Andy Stuteley 1st Assistant Director Julio Ramos ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ATALAIA FILMS LONDON UK /

  • Uncovering the Illusion -Short Film

    Uncovering the Illusion -Short Film (2013 - 2014)
    Film (short) by Atalaia Films (Drama) Actor One behind the other disappointments create destructive feelings in Stiff's life. Only what is left is an intense pain that erodes and bleeds his soul. There is no more to talk about, even to discuss. Faith was shaken ...

  • The Ritual

    The Ritual (2013 - 2014)
    Film by Atalaia Films (Crime and Drama) Director / Cinematographer Investigation of the mysterious death of a young girl leads to suspicions of her older, self-obsessed sister (Elaine Andrews) being complicit in her death. The Investigation takes a twist when the girl's family house, visited by DC Hanlin (Lamin Tamba), was evidently haunted by voices and images of other missing children. Starring: Lamin Tamba Elaine Andrews Sussana Spare Written by Jonathan Mckinnell Directed by Emerson Pinheiro Produced by Lamin Tamba Production Assistant Julio Ramos Sound Track by Patrick Fagan All Rights Reserved to Atalaia Films -

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