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By Jason William Spencer

GENRE: Action, Thriller

An ex-con, out on parole and just trying to reconcile his shattered life, is on the run from a treasonous group of super-rich elite after narrowly escaping a pre-meditated mass murder.


An ex-con, NICK(26), trying to make up for lost time, comes back to his employer from lunch to find everyone brutally murdered. No survivors. He quickly finds himself the target of a shadowy group of super-rich elite trying to finish the job.

In desperation with nowhere else to turn, Nick checks in on his Alzheimer’s ridden mother SUZANNE(58), the only person in his life. While there, he teams up with a conspiracy theorist-minded hipster-nurse, HOLLY(24). The unlikely twosome are ambushed by the secretive group and are forced to make a run for it, leaving Suzanne behind.

Nick and Holly desperately crisscross the city putting together the conspiracy while being chased by JOHN(54), a stoic plutocrat, the group’s man on the inside at the CIA. Nick and Holly get assisted by a secretive figure known only as THE MAN IN THE RED HAT(60), an old school mafia looking tough guy that they don’t know if they can fully trust. John intensifies his search by way of direct order given by the reclusive leader of the treasonous group. No one knows this ruthless leader’s true identity. The only communication the others have with the leader is through a digitized scrambled voice on a speaker phone. As they close in on Nick and Holly, the fugitives come across information regarding the group’s plan to assassinate the President of the United States and replace him with a puppet of their own making. Nick and Holly’s only choice is to sneak into the United Nations to thwart the assassination of the President during his controversial speech on the proposed slashing of the defense budget. Nick and Holly manage to infiltrate the fortress of security to prevent the catastrophe. The Man in the Red Hat makes a run for it.

Nick and Holly chase The Man in the Red Hat through the streets, into a high-rise, and directly to the Board of Directors’ room for the traitors. Surrounded with no way out, The Man in the Red Hat takes the coward’s way out, leaving John to face treason charges and the Vice President to resign. Nick has restored order to the world. All right under the public’s nose. However, lurking in the darkness, the identity of the leader is revealed. Bloodied, but not beaten. Always plotting. Always looking for weakness.

The story and pace of this script can be compared to "The Fugitive" and "Three Days of the Condor."


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