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By Jason William Spencer

GENRE: Drama, Sci-fi

Aboard a self-sustaining long-range spaceship looking to colonize a new world, a young crewman struggles to upend the repressive regime ruling over the ship’s 5,000 inhabitants.


“Millennium” Series Bible

1-Hour TV Sci-Fi/Drama

Written and Created by

Jason William Spencer

Aboard a self-sustaining long-range spaceship looking to colonize a new world, a young crewman struggles to upend the repressive regime ruling over the ship’s 5,000 inhabitants.

*The series is a mixture of “Battlestar Galactica,” “The 100,” and “LOST.”

The destination could be tied in with the recent real-world discoveries by the Kepler Telescope.

Being that Kepler-186f (real world planet recently discovered by the Kepler telescope) resides in the Kepler-186 system, about 500 light-years from Earth. At 1/2 of light speed it would take the ship 1,000 years to get there. So the crew of the spaceship must procreate over the generations to make sure the crew and mission are sustained.

This space arc is completely self-sustaining by way of the inhabitants growing their own food and water. This massive spaceship travels at 1/2 the speed of light using a technology called “light propulsion.” This is harnessing the energy of light waves to “push” the spaceship through space.

However, society is much different aboard the generation ship, some 263 years after the mission launched. “The Mission” is the only thing that matters. It is socialistic, stratified, and religion is noticeably absent. Even the procreation of the next generation is engineered. People are chosen as suitable mates through a DNA sequencing program that will produce the most viable next generation of crew members.

The current year is 2316, and the story follows three young crew members. This love triangle propels the story forward in a similar fashion as Jack, Sawyer, and Kate did for the TV show “LOST.” The first is LIAM (19), son of a scientist, a daydreamer whose questioning of the mission-focused society disrupts the status quo. At the opposite end of the spectrum stands JONAS (19), son of the current Captain of the ship. He was genetically engineered so that his blood line stems directly from the original leader. His future has already been written. In between these two polar opposites is the object of both their affections, NADINE (19), a genetically perfect beauty, whose heart can’t decide between her two loves Liam and Jonas.

The split between eventual warring factions starts when Jonas is “coupled” with Nadine to procreate and produce the next future Captain. Liam is devastated and starts questioning the mission itself and thus questions what it means to be human when you’re trapped in a fish bowl with no free will.

Character Breakdown:


Liam (19)-The protagonist, and the first of the love triangle that will propel the story forward. Liam is unique in the fact he has a special genetic flaw being kept hidden by his scientist father, Simon. Liam is obsessed with everything Earth despite having never set foot there.

Jonas (19)-On the other side is the wicked antagonist Jonas who is hell bent on not only taking Nadine away from Liam, but following in his father’s (Ivan) footsteps to become the next Captain of the ship at any cost.

Nadine (19)-The girl caught in the middle of Liam and Jonas. She is a beauty of beauties that still longs for her long-ago deceased father.


Ivan (48)-The Captain of the ship, he wields unrelenting cruel and evil power over every aspect of “The

Mission.” He’s married to Mikayla and father to Jonas.

Mikayla (43)-A sexy and sultry woman fit for a King, who is burdened by the continued abuse at the hands of her husband Ivan.

Simon (48)-Lead scientist and father to Liam who is covering up the fact that his son has a special genetic flaw in this society of genetically engineered crewmembers.

Chloe (43)-Ship psychiatrist, married to Simon and mother to Liam.

Access-The all-knowing intelligent ship-wide talking computer, equipped with the ability to create holographic recreations of life on Earth. “She” is depicted as a digital composite of a young, beautiful brunette, with gleaming green eyes.


1-Hour Sci-Fi/Drama

Anthology-Hybrid TV Series intended for Prime Time.

Possible Network destinations:

HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, AMC, SyFy, The CW, FX, Showtime, Starz, EPIX, Crackle, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix.

Season 1 Episodes:

Episode 1-Jonas and Nadine are paired together in “The Coupling” causing Liam to question the reasoning behind “The Mission” and the lack of true free will in all aspects of life on the ship, which starts to rip the confined society apart. Complicating matters, a frantic message is received alluding to the destruction of all life on Earth.

Episode 2-Liam is given the death penalty for his transgressions by Ivan while Jonas attempts to forcefully begin the “Coupling” process with Nadine.

Episode 3-Liam avoids the death penalty when it’s revealed Ivan murdered Nadine’s father, which further erodes the evil dictator’s power.

Episode 4-A large asteroid threatens life on the ship as Jonas enlists a sinister group of renegades to assassinate Liam.

Episode 5-Another generation ship catches up to them from Earth, having been launched 100 years after the original, with a much different group of inhabitants onboard.

Episode 6-The ship tries to assimilate the new refugees from the other generation ship with disastrous results.

Episode 7-A mysterious virus runs rampant killing several crew members on the ship as Mikayla has an affair with her husband’s right-hand man.

Episode 8-Food and water grow scarce as the crew struggles to repair the ship while Access is hacked into by the other generation ship in retaliation for taking on the refugees.

Episode 9-In a desperate attempt to remain in power, Ivan shoots Liam out into space alone in a clear space tube, while Nadine is forced to start the “Coupling” process with Jonas.

Episode 10-Ivan is murdered throwing the entire ship into chaos as Jonas makes a power grab with Liam adrift in space.

Episode 11-Liam returns to the ship after commandeering the 2nd generation ship as Nadine finds out she’s pregnant, but who’s the father?

Episode 12-Liam successfully locks one half of the ship off from the other, effectively creating two separate “tribes,” with himself in control of one and Jonas the other, to coexist separately as they hurtle through space together.

Season-To-Season Story Arcs

This will be written in the ambitious and bold format that “American Horror Story” and “True Detective” are written in, but with a twist. I like to call it an anthology-hybrid. Since the trip across the Universe will take 1,000 years, every season will pick up, in some cases, a few hundred years separated from the prior. So each new season will get different characters, stories, and problems. However, there will always be a place for the stories and characters of past seasons, resulting in a diverse and expansive mythology. For example, the three main characters in Season One will end up being considered “Gods” and the basis for a two competing religions to the cast in Season Two, which takes place a full 200 years after the last episode of Season One.

Another exciting example would be what if in a future season, things have gone so far off the tracks that the inhabitants forget they are even on a spaceship! The entire ship could be taken over by the hydroponic plant life creating an all new jungle-type world. Which then would force them to walk in the footsteps of the original crew to uncover secrets of the true nature of their origins.


Jason William Spencer



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Mark LaFever

Jason, this is a cool concept - I especially like how you've included the first-season "bible" up front, and you explore a lot of thought-provoking material. The socialistic aspect you hit upon is particularly significant...consider the military or intelligence communities of even the relatively most-free societies - in those communities, the ones who contribute the most to the defense of everybody else's freedom are the least free, individually. Many academics have examined Scandinavian socialism, and linked that back to the fact that, historically, Scandinavians were significantly threatened by winter to a degree that other societies weren't...hence the pressure to "pull together" and sacrifice some individual freedoms for the common good. Your Generation Ship concept makes me think of all those points, and your point about how the crew have lost all contact with (and in some cases, memory of) Earth, makes me wonder whether they might enthusiastically embrace the norms of whatever alien society they make First Contact with - just out of eagerness to leave the restrictions of the Generation Ship behind.

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