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By Phil Parker

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Historical, War

When the by-the-book pilot of the third atomic bomb mission crash lands on a Japanese island, he's imprisoned with Allied POWs and must find a way to stop a disgraced Japanese commander from capturing the bomb...before he’s forced to detonate it himself.



"This is an incredibly well written script with strong and three-dimensional characters, a well threaded theme, and action sequences that are both visual and exciting" - Blacklist reader

"This is a fantastic screenplay with an excellent story and perfectly executed elements tying everything together. " -Archive: 4648. Reader # 8055

"Wonderfully clear and crisp language... fantastic job... a throwback classic World War II film like Bridge on the River Kwai and Stalag 17, with a slightly grittier and more violent edge." -Archive: 8058. Reader # 8071

“Intense and enjoyable WWII drama.” -

“Likely to attract top international talent.” -


August 12th, 1945. The US has dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, but the Japanese have not surrendered. Desperately hoping to avoid a costly invasion that would kill millions, the Americans pin their last hopes on a third bomb. Target: Tokyo, home of the Emperor.

Colonel Mark Sterling (32), a stubborn, unquestioning soldier, and one of the Army’s best pilots, is chosen for the mission, but he and his crew are shot down and crash land in the lagoon of a Japanese held island, killing all but himself and his impulsive, big-hearted copilot, Harry (42).

They’re captured and thrown into a prison camp run by Lieutenant Shiro, a disgraced Japanese officer banished to the island for failing to carry out a suicide mission. Shiro desperately wants to get back into the war and win glory so he can restore honor to his family name.

Mark and Harry have orders to manually detonate the bomb to prevent its capture, but now they’re surrounded by Allied POWs. Harry tries to convince Mark they should all try to escape, but Mark refuses to leave. He recklessly risks his life, and others, to try and protect the bomb.

When Shiro finds the giant weapon in the shallows of his lagoon, he radios a report to Tokyo, only to hear news of the atomic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Convinced he has such a bomb in his possession, and seeing his chance for redemption, he calls in the Japanese navy.

Mark causes chaos and destruction trying to stop the Japanese, but nothing works. Desperate to find help, he makes a harrowing attempt to contact the US Navy using a hidden radio, but finds out help cannot reach them in time. The Japanese will arrive first. He must escape and detonate the bomb.

Private Kenji, a sympathetic guard and the caretaker of the camp’s Chinese comfort woman (Yunmei), warns Mark and Harry that Lieutenant Shiro will kill all the POWs after the Japanese navy arrives. Private Kenji wants to repay them (for saving his life earlier) by helping them escape. Yunmei will show them through a tunnel under the camp and to a boat!

But Mark’s conflicted: should he carry out his duty? Or should he help the prisoners escape and risk the Japanese getting their hands on the bomb? When Harry and Private Kenji lay down their lives in a desperate attempt to preserve their secret plans, it becomes tragically clear to Mark what he has to do. Mark disregards orders, and, with Yunmei’s help, leads the POWs in a thrilling underground escape.

With the POWs on the run and three US destroyers offshore to rescue them, Lieutenant Shiro decides his only chance left for glory is to detonate the bomb himself, killing all the POWs and the thousands of sailors on board those US ships. Redemption can still be his!

After Mark and Yunmei get the POWs to a fishing boat on the beach, Mark races on foot to the other side of the island where, under the shadow of the bomb, in the shallows of the lagoon, he and Shiro face off. Shiro reveals to Mark that it’s Mark’s commitment to duty that has inspired him, before lunging to detonate the bomb. Mark rushes to stop him. The water turns red as their knives slash and thrust. Sharks threaten to eat both the victor and vanquished. Shiro manages to insert the detonation keys, his finger over the button... when Mark stops him. Permanently.

With the bomb safe and everyone sworn to secrecy, Mark returns home, wanting to make up for neglecting his wife and son, and realizing it’s time to step out from under his war-hero father’s shadow. And thanks to Mark, Yunmei returns to China to be with her own son, whom she feared was dead.


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Ken Glover

Congrats on the request!

Eric Alagan

Impressive read. Well done, Philip.

Phil Parker

Thanks Ken and Eric. Exciting times. A roller coaster ride from day to day, from producer to producer! Crazy scary fun!

Alan Wood

Any way you can hook me up with the rest of the screenplay? I'd love to read it!!

Jane Hathaway

Phillip---I have a couple of other scripts to read this weekend, but will be excited to read yours in the following week. When---shall I say when rather than if---it becomes a film, I will be very willing to see it, simply based on such a fine synopsis. I do enjoy the 'Pacific Theatre' genre. I am an avid fan of World War One films, but do watch World War Two film nearly as often.

Phil Parker

Hi Jane, Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm afraid the full script is not available but feel free to have a read of the 5 page sample I have uploaded to my profile. Fingers crossed for the future. Cheers again! Phil

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Phillip: This is the best script sample I've read here at S32. Great imagery and you're weren't afraid to take your time setting up your opening. Some writers fear that; but I like a artful, novelesque opening. The cockpit scene had the flavor of authenticity and a big event pushing the plot forward in the first five pages. I can see why this one is winning awards.

Phil Parker

Hi Phillip, I really do appreciate your thoughtful feedback and kind words :-)

Cherie Grant

really good sample you have there. very readable. go aussies. ;)

Chanel Ashley

Really enjoyed the read, Phillip, but 5 pages? You miserable bastard, how about 10, lol, I was really getting into, it?

Phil Parker

Thank you so much, Cherie!

Phil Parker

Hahaha, Chanel!! I'm glad I got you hooked ;-) You can always have a look at the live reading I have posted on my profile :-)

Reid Johns

Wow. This is a great concept. Can't wait to see it on the big screen in the very near future.

Ana Dominique Mendoza

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